Takuya Kimura’s drama “Tsuki no Koibito” Preview Clip

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“Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~”  (c) Fuji TV

“Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~” (c) Fuji TV

The Monday 9 PM slot drama in spring is “Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~” starring Takuya Kimura , Ryoko Shinohara , Lin Zhiling, Keiko Kitagawa and Shota Matsuda . It will be a love pentagon between the five.

On May 10 “GetsuKoi” movement is finally going to start with the broadcast of the first episode of the drama. The first scenes for the drama were filmed in Shanghai.

This time Kimura is actually playing bad guy and he would like to draw a clear line between him and his role. “He’s quite a detestable guy,” he said. Apparently his previous roles had some similarities with Kimura’s own personality, but this time it’s different. “He isn’t a completely useless guy. I guess there might be something charming hidden inside his character and you just have to find it. My job isn’t to play a mere hull of another person, I have to properly convey the character and everything that comes with it.” Kimura has a particular sincerity towards his performances and it looks like he is trying to come up with the perfect way of portraying this new character.


Kimura Takuya- Hazuki Rensuke
President of REGOLITH, an interior design company. Does everything to accomplish his goal.

Shinohara Ryoko – Ninomiya Maemi
Interior designer. Knows Rensuke since long time ago. Hide feelings for Rensuke.

Lin Zhiling – Liu Xu Mei
Lives in a poor area in Shanghai. Pure and innocent.

Matsuda Shota – Cai Feng Jian / Kazami
Rensuke’s right-hand.

Kitagawa Keiko – Oonuki Yuzuki
Charismatic model.

Watanabe Ikkei – Togo
REGOLITH employee.

Hamada Gaku – Maehara Tsugio
Maemi’s assistant.

Mikami Kensei – Koizumi Keiichi
REGOLITH employee.

Mitsushima Hikari – Anzai Rina
Maemi’s assistant.

Abe Tsuyoshi – Ming
Xiu Mei’s bestfriend.

Nagatsuka Kyozo – Oonuki Shogen
President of MASTPOLE, the No. 1 company in the interior world

“Tsuki no Koibito” Preview Clip

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