Miyazaki Aoi and Becky as the most fashionable idols for female high school students

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Aoi Miyazaki

Aoi Miyazaki

Many high school students look at their favorite celebrities and see what they are wearing.
Oricon Style is aware of that and made their third survey “High School Girls Voting the Fashion Leader”, which had Kaela Kimura in 2008 and Namie Amuro in 2009 in the highest position.

This year actress Miyazaki Aoi has been taking over the No. 1 position in a close tie with Becky.

The reasons behind Miyazaki’s success are clear to the point, as her “natural appeal suits her very well”, as well as her “land girl charm”. Miyazaki, who had been staring in a great number of commercials, has always embodied the natural and nature loving character and supported that image well throughout her career.
Some voters mentioned the “Mori Girl” term again when talking about her. Within the Japanese social networking site “mixi”, the “Mori Girl”-Style is described as the style “stylish women in the woods would dress in most likely”. The term has now also been adopted in fashion magazines as a new keyword and it seems that female high school students are very fond of this kind of fashion as well.



Becky has always been in the top 5 and has a lot of fans for her unique fashion sense.Her appeal are the colorful clothes she is wearing, awakening the wish in many to follow her example in appreciation for the colorful feeling.

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