A thatched Onsen inn, Yutorian opened

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Old thatched houses are renovated as Onsen lodges

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A beautiful Usunegawa River and Thatched Onsen Lodges

A beautiful Usunegawa River and Thatched Onsen Lodges

When you drive up along the Usunegawa River from Numata City in Gunma Prefecture, you will arrive in an old hot spring, Kawaba Onsen at a small basin in the Hotaka highlands. It is said that the Great Teacher, Kobo Daish founded the Onsen. Meanwhile, you will see several beautiful old Japanese houses with thatched roof along the street. These thatched old houses used to be private residences in Japan, but no more use for modern living.

Onsen Inn Yutorian Gate

Onsen Inn Yutorian Gate

One of the leading recycling companies named “Eco Keikaku” is trying to purchase these thatched houses for preservation. The oldest house among them was more than 300 years old, but the structures are still firm enough to support its heavy thatched roof. Each old house was carefully replaced from its existed place to the hot spring, and all interior was renovated as using for Japanese inn while preserving its original shape.

Remodeled Thatched Old Houses

Remodeled Thatched Old Houses

On March 5, 2010, a new Onsen inn with only eight guest rooms started its business after the completion of renovation work. Old household utensils and articles of everyday use, such as a chest of drawer, and a “Tsutsu-gaki” drawing tool which have been collected by the recycling company, are also displayed in the house.

Yutorian Guest Room

Yutorian Guest Room

Why a recycling company is running Japanese Onsen inn? Actually, the new Onsen inn in the Kawaba Onsen is the second project of their lodging business. Eco Keikaku has started another Onsen inn named “Hatago” in Yakushi Onsen, Gunma Prefecture since October, 2005. The new hotel was projected under the similar concept as the first one. They also have several Japanese restaurants, named “Jidaiya” or a curio in Tokyo. Materials once used for old houses are brought into these Japanese restaurants and recycled for interior fixtures after careful renovation.

Inner Bath and Outdoor Bath

Inner Bath and Outdoor Bath

Their bathing facility with natural hot spring in “Yutorikan” is very attractive. Each room has its own private outdoor bath as well as inner one. If you like to enjoy rather wider bath, there are three different grand bathhouses, named “Hotaka-no-yu”, “Kobo-no-yu”, and Sato-no-yu”. All bathtubs are filled with overflowing abundant natural hot spring water. Efficacy of hot spring is said to be especially good for skin care, as well as for various kinds of ailments, such as neuralgia, muscular pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, paralysis, and so on.

“Yutorian” is also available for day trippers. When you visit nearby sightseeing spots, it is good idea to stop by and enjoy a quick bathing. Among various plans for day trippers, their “Quick Onsen with Japanese Lunch” plans are recommendable. You can enjoy comfortable Onsen bathing and tasting fine Japanese cuisine in the old thatched house. The Japanese Lunch consisted of tofu bean curd, soba brown noodles and other tasty dishes is 3,000 yen. If you like to take a quick bathing only, you may pay 1,000 yen for adult, and 500 yen for child.

Guests Reputation on the “JARAN” Website

Overall Evaluation 4.3    
Room: 4.7 Onsen: 4.3
Breakfast: 3.2 Dinner: 3.8
Hospitality: 3.8 Cleanliness: 4.9

*Standard level is 3.0 out of 5.0.

 General Information

Name: Thatched Onsen Inn Yutorian in Kawaba Onsen
Address: 451-1, Kawaba-yubara, Kawaba, Gunma, Japan
Phone: 0278-50-1500
Chick in 15:00-18:00 Chick out: 10:00
Website: http://kawaba-yutorian.jp/index.html


Standard tariff for each guest

*The prices shown in the next chart are standard (in case that one room shared with two guests), and each prices will be changed according to your choice of different meal plans.  





Spring Plan

19,950 yen~

April 1

May 31

Lady’s Plan

21,000 yen~

All season

Firefly Plan

19,950 yen~

June 21

July 10

Anniversary Plan

21,450 yen~

All season

*The above prices include two meals, service charge, and tax, but exclusive 150 yen local tax for Onsen.

Breakfast and Kaiseki Dinner

Breakfast and Kaiseki Dinner




Fee for day trippers (Exclusive local tax)



+ Onsen

Tofu & Soba noodles Lunch

2,500 yen

3,000 yen

Local Chicken & Steamed dishes Lunch

4,000 yen

4,500 yen

*The above prices include service charge and tax, but exclusive 150 yen local tax for Onsen.

2,500 yen & 4,000 yen Lunch Sets

2,500 yen & 4,000 yen Lunch Sets




Fee for a quick bathing


Entrance fee

Local tax


1,000 yen

+150 Yen


500 yen


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