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Salons de the ANGELINA is a classic and lovely cafe in Paris.

They have the branches in Japan.
PRINTEMPS GINZA is the largest one.
“Mont Blanc” has become a synonym for the ANGELINA.

This spring, they’ll offer “new-born Mont Blanc”.

The original one is made by basic recipe from Paris.
Sebastien Bauer, patissier of ANGELINA in Paris, has made “new-born Mont Blanc” with classic recipe and new marron paste.


Mont Blanc

New-born Mont Blanc

This is the original cake of ANGELINA which has been loved by people for more than 100 years.
Meringue and sugarless fresh cream is coated with marron paste.

The new point is creamy taste made by eliminated the peel thoroughly. Marron paste has more soft texture than before.

They have a range of sizes and prices. Especially, the half size called “Demi size” is the most popular for Japanese. ¥473(tax included)


Saint Honore (upper), Mont Fuji (right), Indecis (left)

They also have 3 “new sweets”

1. Saint Honore ¥578(tax included)

Classic sweets of France are arranged by ANGELINA’s style.
Pie is topped with custard cream, chou a la crème, savory caramel cream, and fresh cream.

2. Mont Fuji ¥578(tax included)

Patissier was inspired by Mt.Fuji when he made this cake.
Orange component and green tea mousse is coated with Marron paste and topped with meringue.

It looks really cute and I think we can see the harmony of France and Japan in this cute cake.

3.Indecis ¥578(tax included)

This is sold only at PRINTEMPS GINZA till the end of May.
Cherry compote and chocolate are coated with meringue and the surface is scorched.

Each sweets is special and looks so tasty.
I can’t choose the one, so I should try all of them!

ANGERINA has “Mont Blanc nouveau comme a Paris” campaign.
From April 29th to May 12th, it is hold by the branches (Ginza, Ikspiari, Caretta Shiodome, Ikebukuro Tobu, Oomiya Lumine, and Wing takanawa East).

When you buy “ANGELINA roll” at those 6 stores, they’ll offer you half price ticket of Mont Blanc which is available from April 29th to June 30th . ( the number is limited)

Also, at PRINTEMPS GINZA, they’ll give “new-born Mont Blanc” for free to the first two hundred arrivals who have receipt of more than 10000 yen of PRINTEMPS GINZA. (a day of the receipt is valid)

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