Nana Manga Creator Ai Yazawa Returns From Hospital

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NANA Manga

NANA Manga

Manga creator Ai Yazawa revealed in the May 4 issue of Josei Jishin magazine that she returned home in early April from the Tokyo hospital where she was being treated for an unspecified serious illlness.

NANA Movie

NANA Movie

Yazawa is well known for NANA manga. Since NANA was released in 2000, the title has more than 43.6 million volumes sold and in publication. NANA  has also been released in two live action movies starring Mika Nakashima , and also took the form of TV anime in 2006.

The 21th volume was released on Mar 13th 2009.


Due to the sudden illness, Yazawa had put her NANA manga Jun 2009. However, she said that she has not gripped a pen once since her illness, and revealed that she does not know when or if she will return to working again.

Yazawa’s works are most popular among people who love fashion. The storylines generally are centered on young women and their relationships, something with which her young fanbase identifies. The characters are always very stylish, and she is known especially for her hip sense of fashion.

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