”Evangelion Campaign” of LAWSON has launched

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11731621  “LAWSON”, one of the most well-known and prevalent convenience store chains in Japan ties up with the extremely popular sci-fi gigantic robot battle anime work series, “Evangelion”(or called just “Eva”) and a relevant campaign launched on April 27th. http://www.lawson.co.jp/eva/index.html  and  http://www.lawson.co.jp/company/e/index.html?ca=top_glo_005


  Prior to the start of the series of  the campaign, LAWSON  had opened a special store which had been decorated fully featuring Eva and equipped with plenty of Eva-related items in Sengokubara in Hakone, a very popular hot spring resort in Kanagawa Pref. near Tokyo on April 23rd.  As so many Eva fans rushed  to the store ,  seriously congested traffic in that area  was caused, which obstructed the continuation of the event of “special stores for Eva”  that originally had been intended to go on until May 17th and  actually was discontinued on April 24th.  Yet, that situation has proven the amazing number and the zeal of  the huge Eva fans and  the main campaign was launched as scheduled on the 27th.

 Now, you can buy special Eva goods at  convenience stores of LAWSON chain,such as special fried chicken, canned coffee of  “Eva version” , and so forth.  “Asuka figuers” present campaign is going on at the moment. 

And though not hosted by LAWSON , on May 28th, the DVD version and Blu-ray discversion of  “Evangelion New Theater Edition: Breaking Up”(/エヴァンゲリオン新劇場版:破) are going to be released.  A  new racing  car “Evangelion RT the first type apr Corrola”  featuring Eva with the depiction and design of Eva’s  first type model (/初号機, Shogoki)  is going to debut on coming May 1st at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Pref.  collaborating with the event of the  releases of  the items of  the new edition of the work.


 Racing  events,which are recruiting new supporters at the moment,  are also tying up with the new releases. http://www.runat.co.jp/teamruna/eva.racing10/top.html And “Yahoo! JAPAN” also started a campaign of  release of   8 types of  free downloadable applications for ” iPhone” on the 27th.  avaa1_s

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