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Architect Hiroshi Ebisawa's Onsen Design 2002

August, 2002  Unyu Tenzan

Resting Area & Bathhouse Okuzashiki, Okunoyu

The resting area was one of the last temporary structures remaining from Tenzan’s opening in 1966. The old structure, located on the site near the erosion control bank in the Sukumogawa River, had used as private guest rooms for resting. The Tenzan management planned replacing it to new style private Onsen area.

Openair corridor

A new two-story building was constructed in 2002, to replace it. In this new building, the 1st floor was named “ZashikiI-bokko” or a Japanese Tatami-room for being pleasantly idle, and contained a resting area and a small library.

The 2nd floor was named “Kakuregumo” or a detached cloud, and it enclosed 7 more private resting areas. Both floors are connected with the main building via a corridor and an overhead bridge.

Resting Area of the Okuzashiki.

Resting Area of the Okuzashiki.

“Zashiki-bokko” is built so its floor slowly descends toward the riverbank, where there is an abundance of steam in the air. Beautiful greenery landscape on the other side of the riverbank can be observed from the Japanese room. You can enjoy fresh air if you fully open the all wide glass windows, as you feel like resting in nature.

“Kakuregumo” on the 2nd floor, is built like a circling mezzanine with an opening in the middle, which provides image of sequence, and guest can observe the scenery below.

Remote Private Onsen, OKUNOYU.

Remote Private Onsen, OKUNOYU.

A private outdoor bath is located at the deepest end, and reserved only for “Kakuregumo” users. Thanks to two additional wells, there is abundance of Onsen water available. The new private outdoor bath was named “Okunoyu” or remote Onsen.

A simple wooden hut structured with bare chestnut tree pillars was built as the changing room. The roof is covered with cedar bark, the veranda has a bamboo floor and only a lattice door is employed as an interior fitting. The Tenzan owner had strongly hoped that the changing room would look like a grass hut. Architect, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa understood his good sense.

The rustic outdoor bath “Yaten-buro” has no roof and is surrounded by green grass. It is simply laid out in the deep mountain.

You really feel something like bathing in nature. Abundance of Onsen water and surrounding nature is just reserved for you. It is a kind of supreme pleasure, isn’t it?

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