“Constitution Memorial Day” falls on May 3rd

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imagesF-011311S13013P023-1Today May 3rd is “Consitution Memorial Day”(憲法記念日, Kenpo Kinen-bi) which is one the national public holidays falling in the consecutive public holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May known as the “Golden Week”.

  Our current Japanese  constitution, ” The Constitution of  Japan” ,which had been promulgated on Nov.3rd (文化の日/”Culture Day”, Bunka no hi) 1946, came to effect on may 3rd 1947.  In commemoration of  this, May 3rd was set to be a memorial day of the constitution in 1948.  The day is for reaffirmation of the fundamental spirit of  the constitution ;  ” the sovereignty of  the people(nation) ” ,”respect for the human rights” , and ” the renunciation of war, or  pacifism ”  The constitution has never been revised since its issue up to today for more than 63 years keeping peace and good order. 


 Only on this day of may 3rd,  Kokkai Gijidou(/国会議事堂, the National Diet Building or the Capitol) in Chiyoda-ward(/千代田区) near the Imperial Palace(皇居,Koukyo) in the very center of  Tokyo, is open to the public. Yet, it is possible to join a booked tour of the building and House of  Representative, and  ” Kensei Kinenkan”(/憲政記念館, the  “Memorial Hall of constitutional politics”  http://www.shugiin.go.jp/itdb_annai.nsf/html/statics/kensei/kensei.htm is constantly open to the public 9:30-17:00 except for the end of each month and other some closing days in a year.  entrance

 Near the capitol and the memorial hall,  there are also The Minister’s Official Residence http://www.kantei.go.jp/foreign/index-e.html (/首相官邸, Shusho Kantei,and 総理大臣公邸, Souri-daijin Koutei) and  Supreme Court  of  Japan(/最高裁判所, Saikou-saibansho) http://www.courts.go.jp/english/ .f5aa3e5f img_topsaikosai

 Booked tours of the supreme court is also available.   Visiting these national governmental buildings are gradually becoming  popular even among foreign tourists as well.


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