Maki Horikita x Jeanne d’Arc at Akasaka ACT Theater

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Maki Horikita as Jeanne d'Arc

Maki Horikita as Jeanne d'Arc

Actress Maki Horikita (堀北真希) will make her stage debut as Jeanne d’Arc in a stage adaption of the same name this November.
The play follows the life of the young girl who led the French army to multiple victories during the Hundred Years’ War.
Actor Hideaki Ito (伊藤英明) will co-star as Charles VII of France.

Hideaki Ito

Hideaki Ito

“Jeanne d’Arc” will be performed at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo from November 30 to December 19.

A fairly large and comfortable theater with seating for 1236, Akasaka Act covers the whole spectrum of the performing arts from drama and dance to music, which includes musicals as well as concerts.

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