Shibazakura park, Ichikai-machi

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We were so lucky having a beaufiful day when we visited to Shibazakura park.

moss phlox park in Ichikai citymoss phlox





ShibazakuraPhlox subulata (Moss Phlox, Moss Pink, Mountain Phlox) is a perennial creeper growing to a height of 6 inches and covering a 20 inch wide area. The small, five-petaled flowers bloom in rose, mauve, blue, white, or pink in late spring to early summer. (according to Wikipedia).

We were supposed to park our vehicle at Number 2 car park where located a bit far from the park.  Shuttle seriveces have been arranged by the organizer.  My car has got two stickers which indicating for paraplegic.  We have not been anticipated, but traffic controller asked us to go to Number 1 car park, next to the park.  Lucky us.


You don’t bring anything with you when you go to the place like this, always some food bars are ready to wait for you in Japan.  Of course you have to pay a little bit more money than ordinal place.

grilled sweet fish

Usually, you can find Yakisoba (Fried chinese noodles with tomato based sauce), Oknomiyaki or Takoyaki at the food bar.  Here in Tochigi, you can find grilled sweet fish most of the time.  Why don’t you try some?

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