Ginza Konparuyu, Public Bathhouse

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Believe or not, An Old “Sento” still exists in Ginza

Konparuyu Entrance Area+ Entrance

“Sento” or a bathhouse open to the public for a fee, had been quite popular among Japanese before and after decades of World War II. However, a number of Sento has been decreased along with the improvement of living standard in Japan. Now it is very difficult to find this nostalgic style bathhouse in Japan, and even in busy Ginza Streets.

konparuyu Present and Old

We used to have 6 public bathhouses in Ginza area such as one in Yurakucho, “one behind of Matsuzakaya Department Store, “Matunoyu” behind of Matsuya Department Store, “Daikokuyu” behind of Wako Department Store, “Kaisuiyu” in front of JR Shinbashi Station, and “Kusatsuyu” along the Showa Street. Now only 2 bathhouses are operating in Ginza, “Konparuyu” and “Ginzayu”.

“Konparuyu” bathhouse is located in the “Konparu Street”, Ginza 8-chome, where night clubs and bars are commonly seen. It takes about 5 minutes from JR Shinbashi Station. Ii is said that the origin of the old bathhouse dates back to Bunkyu 4 in the Edo Era (1863), 5 years before the Meiji Restoration. The street was named after a Noh actor “Konparu-dayu” who was employed by Tokugawa Shogun and had resided around here.

konparuyu Shoerocker+Shochiku-jo

You never miss white Chinese characters “金春湯” on a dark blue signboard in busy Ginza street. After going through “Noren” curtain, you will find common “Shochiku-style” shoe rockers. So you put your shoes in the rocker and proceed to the front counter for payment of the entrance fee.

Shinto alter+Fan

A changing room is rather small with only 4 square meters. An old fashioned fan with three blades is equipped to the ceiling, but it seemed to be out of order. A quite strange scene is a large household Shinto altar is placed in front of the central pillar.

Tile paintings

Although, bathing space is not wide enough with only about 4 square meters, you can enjoy seeing tile paintings while taking bath. There are small hotter tub and lukewarm tub, and temperature of hotter one is about 42 degree centigrade which is rather lower among this type of hotter bath.

Night Culbs & Bars nearby, and Izakaya Japanese Pub.

Why don’t you take a bath in this nostalgic bathhouse for your good experience in Japan? However, after taking bath, I don’t recommend you to drop in to nearby night clubs easily. Sometimes, just a glass of beer costs you a lot. There are many attractive and reasonable priced “Izakaya” or Japanese style pubs in Ginza. If you want to enjoy eating out, I am welling to escort you after guided walking tour in Ginza.


General Information

Address: 8-7-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03-3571-5469
Business hours: 2:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.(Saturday 10:00 p.m.)


Admission fee (Inclusive tax)


450 yen


180 yen

Child before school age

80 yen 

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Please see my guided walking tour plan in Ginza.

Leaflet Pedistrians' Paradise Title

Name of the tour Feel the Elegance of Ginza, Guided Walking Tour
Tour Code KEN-100516-GINZA
Tour Features Lined up with old department stores full of history and tradition as well as prestigious boutiques, Ginza is an elegant and stylish city where a retro-modern atmosphere still lingers in the air. With some of the priciest real estate around the world, the boulevards are lined with serious contenders, such as Tokyo’s traditional high-end department-stores, specialty shops, and world famed brand shops vie for shoppers’ yen along the main streets. Ginza’s positioning as cultural and commercial center was established 400 years back when the national leader Shogun Tokugawa’s government located.

Brand Shops+4-chome

World Famed Brand Shop

The Priciest Real Estate

Department stores

Famous Theaters

Japanese Restaurant+

First-class Japanese Restaurant

Famed Parlor

Street Food Stall

Small Shrine

Popular Restaurants

Old Restaurant

Owner Chef’s Restaurant

Popular Restaurant

Popular Chinese Restaurant

Tour Time About 3.5 to 4 hours.
Meeting Time 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. depend on your request.
Meeting Places At your hotel or JR Yurakucho Station.
Tour Prices Number of participants

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

Over 4 persons

8,000 yen/person

5,000 yen/person

4,000 yen/person

3,000 yen/person

Expenses not included in the tour price Meals, transportation fees, and other personal expenses.
Itinerary Meet at your hotel in Tokyo, or JR Yurakucho Station →Department Stores and World Famed Brand Shops →Long-established Retail Stores →Popular Restaurants and street stalls. *We can arrange the most suitable walking course on your request.
Name of the guide Ken Miura
Language English
Distance of the route Approx. 4.0km
Date of operation Everyday
For reservation or
Notes *Not covered by insurance.*No responsibility for accidents.*Proper clothes and shoes for the walking tour are recommended.
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