the opening of the Japanese mom’s life

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Imagine what Japanese mom’s life is like.  Is  the life in Utsunomiya similar to that in Tokyo? 

I’m a mother of two mischievous boys: a 3-year old & a 7-month.  When I first came to Utsunomiya 5 years ago, I missed “the city life” of Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and San Francisco, where I’d lived before.  However, this 5 years is long enough to make this place “my home”!

At the moment, traveling around the world seems the last thing I can do. (tears!)   Still, my kids always show me how to enjoy life. (smiles!)

Come and see how I struggle and enjoy life with kids in Utsunomiya!   It’s full of tears and smiles!!

Gloria. Y

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