Akiko Yada x Kenji Sakaguchi for Fuji TV special drama

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Akiko Yada x  Kenji Sakaguchi

Akiko Yada x Kenji Sakaguchi

Akiko Yada (矢田亜希子)made her first public performance in four years, joining actor Kenji Sakaguchi(坂口憲二)in Odaiba for the preview screening of their Fuji TV special drama, “Keiji Narusawa Ryo: Tokyo Terror, Jijou Saiaku no 24jikan” (刑事・鳴沢了~東京テロ、史上最悪の24時間~/ Detective Ryo Narusawa: Tokyo Terror: The Worst 24 Hours in History).

Akiko Yada

Akiko Yada

Akiko Yada is a japanese actress having starred in many television shows and several movies.

kenji sakaguchi

kenji sakaguchi

Kenji Sakaguchi has a unique blend of macho and irresistibleness which made him quickly recognized in the showbiz especially to the ladies.

The show follows a tough detective, played by Sawaguchi, and his partner, a female detective played by Yada, on a 24-hour mission to stop a terror plot that threatens the lives of Tokyo’s 13 million citizens.

The drama will begin airing May 29 at 9 p.m. on Fuji TV.

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