LeSportsac Popup Shop in Harajuku

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LeSportsac Popup Shop in Harajuku

LeSportsac Popup Shop in Harajuku

LeSportsac opens a new store on Cat Street between Shibuya and Harajuku. The new shop is a special limited edition popup shop showcasing the LeSportsac Artist In Residence (A.I.R.) collection.

LeSportsac is an American  handbag, luggage, and accessories company.
It started in 1974, as an accessories company that introduced a collection of fold-in-a-pouch ripstop parachute nylon bags and luggage.One of the interesting things about the new shop itself is that it is an extremely narrow glass building wedged in between two other buildings. From the outside of the building, you can see everything inside, and even out the other side of the building. This unique location was previously home to a Japanese women’s clothing boutique “The Wrong Gallery”.

Shop Hours:11:00-20:00

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