Nakagawa Aquatic Park with kids

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What you can see there are NOT the dolphins or penguins, but various freshwater fish, from the creatures of the Nakagawa River to the creatures from tropical rainforests!

the water tank tunnel full of the Amazon creatures

the water tank tunnel full of the Amazon creatures

The water tank tunnel is full of the creatures from the Amazon! It amazes the visitors of all ages. Pirarucues, the biggest freshwater fish in the world, swim so gracefully that I always forget the busy life for a moment. 

starfish and tortoises to touch!

starfish and tortoises to touch!

There is also a small pool, where kids can touch little creatures, such as starfish and tortoises.

After looking around the aquarium indoors, you can spend some time outdoors! The vast green field spreads out!  Kids can play in the water as well!

This time, the kindergarten which my elder son attends made a one-day trip to this park.  We stayed there for 3 hours in total, which seemed long enough for small kids and babies to enjoy the fish, the fresh air and luch. 

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