NHK’s Special Anime Song Program “Zero Generation”

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Moeru! Nakeru! Moeru Zero Nendai Shugyoku no   Anime Song Special

Moeru! Nakeru! Moeru Zero Nendai Shugyoku no Anime Song Special

NHK will introduce a new program with a focus on anime songs. The program titled “Moeru! Nakeru! Moeru Zero Nendai Shugyoku no Anime Song Special(萌える!泣ける!燃える ゼロ年代 珠玉のアニメソングスペシャル)”, will be aired this year in August on BS2 for 3 hours.Anime song is often closely tied to the Japanese pop music industry, but is also a significant industry, and genre in its own right, with genre often referred to as “anison. It is common for TV and original video animation series to be accompanied by soundtrack albums, which may include the opening (“OP”), ending (“ED”) and insert songs (“IN”), incidental music, original songs (“image songs”) and drama tracks.

The program contents are linked and devided over three keywords. The first one is “Moeru (萌える/sprout)”, sung by a female voice actors in a cute way, creating a lasting sound in the ear, with catchy lyrics and melodies.

The second word would be “Nakeru (泣ける/tearjerker)”, which describes the beautiful lyrics and expresses the intense messages of the songs.

The last one would be again “Moeru (燃える/burning)”, which is used for the openings of the robots and heroes themes – for the passionate outpouring songs.

This time, artists like JAM Project and Mayumi Gojo (五條真由美) , Chiaki Ishikawa (石川智晶)  as well as Oku Hanako are the premium artists taking part in this program and there are supposed to be more surprise guests.


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