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<Enjoy the diversity of the land !>  


   You can enjoy everything in Japan.  As you recognized in each articles in Tenkai-japan, both western and eastern cultures are mixed in each city.   We will help you unveil the secret  by providing you with a customized tour based on your  likings and requests.  Please see  below  and some examples of our tours… 


*  “Seichi” Tours:

    Visit locations that  appeared in famous anime or movies  as “Seichi-junrei”( a pilgrimage)

  Tour all around Hakone

  Yubara Onsen (guess in what anime  it appears !)


 * Historical Tours:

   Find sources of Japanese culture :

  Visit  the Kamakura big Buddha

  Nikko (enjoy wearing old Japanese style attires)


  Stay in local families:

  Stay in a Japanese family along journey

  Stay in a Buddhist temple


  *Nature Tours:

    Enjoy a variety of life in the countryside in a very short time

    Onsen tour

  First day : Ski at Nagano   Second day: “Hana-mi” (admire cherry blossoms) in Izu peninsula


  *Pop Culture Tours:

  Feel and experience meccas of animations and “Otaku” culture

      Visit Maid-Café s and  the Mecca of Otaku at Akihabara


…If you are interested in those kinds of tours, please contact us using  the Contact Form in  http://www.tenkai-japan.com/cooltours/


<Your Guides> 

  *Ken (Kiyoshi Miura) :

  “Welcome to Japan!  I am a licensed tour guide in English. I have worked in the hotel and restaurant industry for more than 40 years. With my   long career in the field, I am very familiar with condition of accommodations and eating places in Japan. Actually, I am still   participating with a well known architect who is a specialist for Onsen design. It is my great opportunity to help you when   you try to find comfortable hot spring or tasty Japanese cuisine while guiding you around sightseeing spots.”

  Major guiding areas: Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza


  *Jack Amano Maruta:

  “Hi everyone!!  I am an English speaking guide living in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.  I’ve been working in travel industry whole my   life.  “Omotenashi” is the key word for your pleasant stay here in Japan.

  “Omotenashi” simply means Japanese style hospitality.  What makes you think that you come to Japan?  I presume, not   only seeing historical and beautiful places but experiencing something memorable.  Let me help you. ”

  Major guiding areas: Tohoku region, North Kanto such as Nikko, Mashiko and various places where you must see.


  *Terry (Teruo kawamura) :

  “Hello.  I am a certified guide-interpreter in English as well as an interpreter, a translator, and a historian.  I am interested   in Japanese history, games, anime, and young idols.  I can show you around historical places, such as Kamakura where   there are a lot of  old shrines and temples.  Some historical  personages were my relatives.  I can provide you with   unique guiding services and experiences.”

  Major guiding areas : Kamakura, Ginza



“Hello ladies and gentlemen!I am a licensed English guide.Though I live in central Tokyo now, I have lived in Sendai, Sapporo and Kansai region.  I have guided  VIP ,doctors, a scientist  and businessmen and continue to study to  satisfy  visitor‘s  intellectual curiosity and to offer good explanations. In addition to guiding you to scenic spots and historical sites, I would like you to experience Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony and the flower arrangement. I am looking forward to seeing you.”

  Major guiding areas: Tokyo,Nikko and Tohoku region such as Sendai,Matsushima,Hiraizumi and Morioka





<Samples  of  Custom-made “Cool Tours”>


*Plan 1   Nature  Tour


The First day :   visiting Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara(a maid café , Electric Town),

               and, Urayasu(Heli Cruising)


The Second day : experiencing rice planting     lodging : Tokyo (Hotel Asia Center of Japan)   


The Third day :  skiing in  Echigo-Yuzawa (NASPA Ski Garden)


The Fourth day :  cherry blossom viewing in Izu   lodging: Ito (Hotel Sun Hatoya)


The Fifth day : visiting Harajyuku(Takeshita Street, Omotesando), Shibuya


 Travel fee : 1 tourist  ¥299,000

            2 tourists  ¥210,000  /person

            3 tourists  ¥180,000  /person 

     The fixed charge of ¥177,000 shall be divided by the number of the tourists.



*Plan 2   Pop Culture Tour


The First day :  visiting Harajyuku(Takeshita Street, Omotesando), Akihabara(a maid café,Electric Town, maid karaoke, maid bar )


The Second day :  visiting GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA, model sites of anime works, joining convivial meetings with anime societies of colleges(or customers of English conversational cafes)


The Third day : all-day sightseeing in Hakone


 Travel fee : 1 tourist   ¥230,000

            2 tourists  ¥156,000  /person

            3 tourists  ¥130,000  /person 

     The fixed charge of ¥151,000 shall be divided by the number of the tourists.



*Plan 3   Historical Tour


The First day :  visiting historical sites related to the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate (Tokyo,Yokohama)


The Second day :  sightseeing in Kamakura and Yokosuka


The Third day :  Nikko (EDO WONDERLAND)    lodging : Tokyo(Hotel Asia Center of Japan), Nikko(Onsenji Temple)


  Travel fee : 1 tourist   ¥262,000

            2 tourists  ¥160,000  /person

            3 tourists  ¥126,000  /person 

     The fixed charge of ¥203,000 shall be divided by the number of the tourists.


*The above plans are all just samples. We can make up your plan as you like in principle.

*Travel fees vary at different periods and the seasons. The above fees are all just rough indications.

*Meal charges are not included in the above sample travel fees.

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