The Madam Class

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DSCF2497I have enjoyed dancing ballet for almost 20 years in total.  Now I belong to a madam class at the ballet school here in Utsunomiya.  The class has more than 20 “madams” (some are in there twenties, some in their seventies(maybe!).)  

I put my younger son at a day-care center for kids every week and make a dash for a lesson!

No dance! No life!! This is my happiest time.  Ballet is essential not only for my own happiness but also for my family’s happiness, I believe.

You know why?  When I feel good & relaxed, I can stay “good mother”.

I’m going to be on a stage this summer.  Poor my husband!  He has to take care of our mischievous boys all day long!  But, let me say my happiness will bring his happiness!? (Day-care centers for kids don’t usually open on weekends.)

I think more and more Japanese mothers start enjoying their own life these days!  I hope day-care centers can be available for all mothers in various situation.

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Comment from Jack
Time 31/05/2010 at 20:40

Hi Madonna Gloria,

I didn’t know you’ve been practicing ballet for your life. I am glad to know you will be on the stage soon. It certainly your hubby will cooperate with you. Break your leg!! ( I have learned this expression lately. Which means Gan-ballet.)

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