A Brand-new Hotel in the Old Local City

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“Spa Hotel Alpina” ranked as the most popular hotel in “Hida-Takayama”.



“Hida-Takayama” is fairly old, dating back to the Jomon-jidai in Japanese prehistory from about 14,000 BC to 300 BC. The town and its culture, as they exist today, took shape when Takayama Castle was built under the Kanamori clan at the end of the 16th century.

A brand-new hotel, “Spa Hotel Alpina” fully opened on March 21, 2009 in this time-honored local town. Actually, the hotel had been operated tentatively before completion of the entire project since September 9, 2008. Including the period of before the official opening, more than 20 months has past and the hotel could build up a reputation as the most popular hotel in the area.

We could read their good reputation among web-site reports as shown in the next charts.

Rating on the “JARAN” Website

Overall Evaluation 4.4    
Room: 4.3 Onsen: 4.3
Breakfast: 4.2 Dinner:
Hospitality: 4.3 Cleanliness: 4.7

*Standard level is 3.0 in 5.0 points.


Rating on the “RAKUTEN” Website

Overall Evaluation 4.36    
Room: 4.34 Onsen: 4.27
Location: 4.44 Food: 4.14
Hospitality: 4.10 Facility, Amenity: 3.97

*Standard level is 3.0 in 5.0 points.

The new hotel is located in the prime central area of the city, just 3-minute walk from JR Takayama station and within 10 minutes to main sightseeing spots and features a variety large natural hot spring baths. It is a typical western style hotel however they offer both the convenience of inns and motels and the luxury comfort of resort hotels.


CJG5 Alport system

Automatic Chick-in System

“Alport” restaurant search engine

The hotel provide the automatic check-in system in the reception, so you may pay appropriate amount either in cash or on credit easily before checking in. The front clerk can assist you anytime if you are not familiar with the machine.

Although, the hotel has an attractive own restaurant, they positively recommend their guests to explore and taste local cuisine in the city of Takayama. For the convenience of the hotel guests, they provide the restaurant search engine named “Alport” in the lobby of the ground floor.

It said that “Dining is such a large part of any journey for many people that the outcome of your entire vacation could heavily depend on your dining experience. For your dining pleasure, we recommend you explore the town of Takayama and truly enjoy the authentic taste of what Hida-Takayama offers.”

The hotel has 119 guest rooms in various types so that you can choose the most convenient one when you make reservation. Actually, their room rates are not fixed but changeable depended on days and in seasons. However, they provide various attractive plans in every season, so you can find most suitable plan within your budget.

〈Single Room〉

Room size: 15 sq. meters
Bed Type: One bed (140cm in width)

CJG Single room

CJG Single room layout

〈Twin Room〉

Room size: 20 sq. meters
Bed Type: Two twin-size beds (110cm in width)

CJG Twin room

CJG Twinroom layout

〈Double Room〉

Room size: 20 sq. meters
Bed Type: One bed (160cm in width)

CJG Double room

CJG Double room layout

〈Triple Room〉

Room size: 25 sq. meters
Bed Type: 2beds +one additional extra bed.

CJG Triple room

CJG Triple room layout

As usual, you must put your special attention on their hot spring facilities as a reader of the category on Japanese Onsen.

Natural Hot Spring

One of the most attractive points of “Spa Hotel Alpina” is its own natural hot spring.

CJG Onsen main


Dramatic color of the sky, cool breeze, and moon light,

It is a comfortable moment under twilight.

CJG Evening daiyokujyo


Soak in a hot spring under morning sun,

You feel something good for today

CJG Morning daiyokujyo+

After the bath

CJG yuagari+ Powder room

Resting room and powder room

Their outdoor hot spring bath is one of the best among other hotels and inns in Takayama. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city while taking bath.    The hotel brochure wrote; this hot spring bath, installed with featuring glass walls around the bathtub, offers you a panoramic view of the entire cityscape while soaked in the cozy, hot water. On a sunny day, you will have a chance to embrace the stunning Hida Mountains “Northen Alps”. The authenticity of an open-air hot spring can only be enjoyed in a natural setting. Their outdoor bath features open ceilings so you can feel nature, whether it is sun, rain or snow. Feel the breeze in the fresh air of Takanawa.

CJG Gasshou

CJG 800px-Takayamarik

Hida-no-Sato folk village

A rickshaw in Takayama

CJG Asaichi

CJG Old town 800px-Takamarket

Morning market

Old town street

Takayama is best known for its inhabitant’s expertise in carpentry. It is said that carpenters from this old town worked on the Imperial Palace and on many of the shrines and temples in the old capitals Kyoto and Nara. Because of its high altitude and separation from other areas of Japan, the city has kept fairly isolated, allowing it to develop its characteristic own culture over approximately 300 years. In addition to its fame for carpentry, Takayama is well known for its lacquer ware, pottery, and furniture.

Takayama is also known for its local foods, including wild mountain vegetables and river fish as well as its beef, soba, “ramen” Chinese noodles and sake rice wine.

CJG Takayama maturi hida

Takayama holds two festivals every year, Sannō Matsuri in Spring and Hachiman Matsuri in Autumn. These festivals are among the most popular in Japan.

General Information

Name: Spa Hotel Alpina Hida Takayama
Address: 5-41, Nadamachi, Takayama-city, Gifu 506-0021
Phone: +81-(0)577-33-0033
Fax: +81-(0)577-35-3600
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 10:00
Website: http://www.spa-hotel-alpina.com/english/index.html

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