AKB 48 ‘s second ” general election ” was done with a sensational outcome

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 Following the first “general election” hosted last July,AKB48 the top female idol group hosted the second “general election” in this June.



 The outcome of the election was announced at a  big ceremony and was a dramatic one, whose all course was broadcast live at 29 movie theaters nationwide on Jun.9.  Yuko Oshima (/大島優子) who had won the second at the first general election now won the historic “come-from-behind victory” over Atsuko Maeda(/前田敦子) who had won the number one at the first one.

  At this second general election, totally there were more than 380,000 votes which were equal to average votes of  a mayoral election of  a big city whose population is more than one million !  The voters were  members of the official fan club, AKB48 mobile members, SKE48 mobile members, members of  DMM LIVE ON DEMAND  that the Internet streaming service of AKB48 lives broadcast, and  customers who bought the most recent CD of “Ponytail to shushu”(/ポニーテールとシュシュ,Ponytail and Scrunchy) which had been released on May 26 that had hit the number one daily single chart with more than 354,000 sales only on the first day.

The electoral period was about two weeks and the first edition of  each CD of Ponytail and Scrunchy ,which has three different types of  Type A, Type B and Theater Type,  includes a ballot ,so the more cds you buy, the more ballots you have, which influenced the outcome.61HfiEYnIPL__SL500_AA300_

The “candidates” were totally 104 ,some of which were AKB48 regular members,  the trainees, SKE48 regular members, and the trainees.  All of them did election campaign in the period making speech video clips and others.

The primary purpose was to choose the members of “the Selected Team” of  the 17th single cd and their postions at the perfomance. The top members whose rates were number one -21th, have been chosen as the selected team members to sing the 17th  song of the single cd, especially, top 12 members are called “the selected members for the media”, who are allowed to perform in various TV programs and events and do campaign of the song. 13th-21th memebers can sing the song on ordinary occasions.    The members of 22nd – 40th are called “The Under Girls” who will sing the song on side B of the coming 17th single cd. Those top 40 members are the successful candidates.

 At the interim report, Atsuko  Maeda was the temporary top, and she had always been the top since the debut of the group including the first general election last year. Therefore, this time’s  outcome was a symbolic and drastic dynamics of the character of  this group, people say.

Both Oshima and Maeda work as actors in various TV dramas and movies, some say oshima is more talented in acting though I think that  depends on the taste. 

Maeda at the moment plays the part of a sister of Ryoma Sakamoto in “Ryomaden(/龍馬伝)” which I wrote about several months ago.  Oshima also perfomes in TV variety shows as she has logner career  inthe showbiz world. Still, Team K on which Oshima is, is the scond team of AKB, while Team A on which Maeda is, is the original first one,  thistime was the time of drastic change of power balance of the gruop.



At the announcement ceremony, each member was called her name accroding to her rate ,and made a short speech one by one.  the winner Yuko Oshima said in a ry of joy,  “I am too hapyy to say a word…  At the last election as number two, I asked all oy you to give me a aupportive push, but as the top this time,  I would not say so anymore. And now I say follow me please, everuone ! ”   On the other hand, the second who was the ” permanent nember one ” Atsuko Maeda said,” To tell you the truth, I feel frustreted with this result but in another way i feel relieved. ”

However, the ranks  have not so much different  from the first election in general. The ranks of  the successful candidates are as followes;

No.1  Team K 大島優子(Yuko Oshima) 31448  votes

No.2  TeamA 前田敦子(Atsuko Maeda) 30851

No.3 Team A 篠田麻里子(Mariko Shinoda) 23139

No.4 Team K 板野友美(Tomomi Itano) 20513

No.5 Team B 渡辺麻友(Mayu Watanabe) 20088

No.6 Team A 高橋みなみ(Minami Takahashi) 17787

No.7 Team A 小嶋陽菜(Haruna Kojima) 16231

No.8 Team B 柏木由紀(Yuki Kashiwagi) 15466

No.9 Team K 宮澤佐江(Sae Miyazawa) 12560

No.10 Team S 松井珠理奈(Jyurina Matsui) 12168

No.11 Team S 松井玲奈(Rena Matsui) 12082

No.12 Team B 河西智美(Tomomi Kasai) 11080

No.13 Team A 高城亜樹(Aki Takajou) 11062

No.14 Team K 峯岸みなみ(Minami Minegishi) 9692

No.15 Team K 小野恵令奈(Erena Ono) 9468

No.16 Team B 北原里英(Rie Kitahara) 8836

No.17 Team K 秋元才加(Sayaka Akimoto) 8049

No.18 Team B 佐藤亜美菜(Amina Sato) 6921

No.19 Team A 指原莉乃(Rino Sashihara) 6704

No.20 Team A 仲川遥香(Haruka Nakagawa) 6567

No.21 Team B 宮崎美穂(Miho Miyazaki) 6371

No.22 Team A 多田愛佳(Aika Ohta) 6145

No.23 Team A 倉持明日香(Asuka Kuramochi) 5355

No.24 Team S 大矢真那(Masana Ohya) 4634

No.25 Team B 増田有華(Yuka Masuda) 4137

No.26 Team B 平嶋夏海(Natsumi Hirajima) 4106

No.27 Team B 石田晴香(Haruka Ishida) 3235

No.28  AKB48 trainee  島崎遥香(Haruka Shimazaki) 3076

No.29 Team K 仁藤萌乃(Moeno Nito) 2693

No.30 Team B 小森美果(Mika Komori) 2613

No.31 Team B 佐藤すみれ(Sumire Sato) 2591

No.32 Team K 梅田彩佳(Ayaka Umeda) 2499

No.33 Team K 藤江れいな(Reina Fujie) 2460

No.34 Team K 米沢瑠美(Rumi Yonezawa) 2171

No.35 Team K Ⅱ 高柳明音(Akane Takayanagi) 2030

No.36   AKb48 trainee 山内 鈴蘭(Suzuran Yamauchi) 1945

No.37  Team A 片山陽加(Haruka Katayama) 1935

No.38 Team S 矢神久美(Kumi Yagami) 1909

No.39 Team A 松原夏海(Natsumi Matsubara) 1854

No.40 AKb48 trainee 石黒貴己(Atsuki Ishiguro)  1603

※Team A … the original and first team of aKb48. Team K… the second team of AKb48.  Team B…the third team of AKB48.  Team S…the first team of SKE48. Team K Ⅱ…the second team of SKE48.  


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