A railroad diorama room is open in Akihabara Washington Hotel

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  A special hotel guest room of a big railroad diorama set opened in  Akihabara Washington Hotel  in Akihabara the mecca of subculture in Chiyoda-ward Tokyo on this Jun.15th. http://www.akihabara-wh.com/english/index.html  biz1006151715026-n1

  The of the room is “鉄道ルーム クハネ1304”(/Tetsudo room kuhane 1304, railroad room kuhane 1304.)   “ku” implies a car with a driver’s seat , “ha” implies an ordinary car ,and “ne” implies a sleeping car. This name means “a room where you can enjoy staying  as an ordinary guestroom as well as  enjoying a railroad diorama.

  The total length of the railroad track is about 30 m long and square of the diorama part is about  4 ㎡.  The diorama recreates a whole of  the streetscape of Akihabara and even Tokyo Tower and other areas spending more than 300 yen. http://www.akihabara-wh.com/room1304/index.html

If you stay in that room, then you can also enjoy the  land scape of  real Akihabara with the impressive “real ” bullet-trains and other railroad trains just out side of the room as well.  You will have to bring your own model cars to enjoy the diorama  but the hotel rent model cars as well.

Actually there are a lot of  diorama and model  stores in that town and management says it expects to have  not only guests on business trips but also tourists.

The room costs  23,000 yen (about $251, €204, £170) a night on a weekday, and 25,000(about $273, €222,£185).      

And as a hotel in Akihabara, this hotel also provides a unique service of  using  special voices of  aspiring voice actors  for wake-up calls for the hotel guests tying up with Tokyo Animator College in the area,  many of whose graduates are now popular voice stars.  

The hotel makes much of  “its location in the mecca” , and will surely appeal to the hearts of a lot of  various types of  the subculture fans.

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