A couple of new inns in Kusatsu Onsen

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“Yuyado Tokinoniwa” and “Oyado Konoha” open soon.


Kusatsu 2 hotels outside 


A couple of new Onsen inns called “Yuyado Mawata-no-yu Tokinoniwa” and “Oyado Toji-no-yu Konoha” will open soon in Kusatsu Onsen.

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co. is one of the leading managing companies for dormitories for singles and students. The Kyoritsu also runs 22 Japanese inns in Japan. Their additional two different style Japanese inns in Kusatsu Onsen are going to start business on July 15, 2010.

Tokinoniwa bath facility in English 




Both inns, excluding outdoor baths equipped for the guest rooms in “Yuyado Tokinoniwa”, have no independent hot spring facility but share one large Onsen equipped with variety of 13 baths. Say in other words, one large Onsen facility has two different style Japanese inns.


tokinoniwa + 

“Yuyado Tokinoniwa” is provided for guests who like to enjoy journey in Kusatsu Onsen in rather expensive accommodations and better dishes. All rooms are wider, better interior, and equipped with outdoor bath. Guests can taste dishes cooked with seasonal fresh materials in a private rooms which are surrounded by a beautiful landscape garden.

konoha + 


“Konoha”, on the contrarily, is provided for guests who rather concern about the quality of hot spring itself. The quality of accommodations and dishes are usually their secondary concerns.


General Information

Name Yuyado Mawata-no-yu Tokinoniwa &Oyado Toji-no-yu Konoha
Address: 464-214 Kusatsu, Agatsuma, Gumma  377-1711
Phone:  +81-(0)279-89-9320
Fax: +81-(0)279-88-0260
Chick in 15:00 Chick out 11:00
Website: http://www.hotespa.net


Yuyado Tokinoniwa Sample Plans with Dinner & Breakfast

(From July 15 to November 30, 2010)

Wa A Toki room 


Room type

Rate per person

Japanese type A (36㎡)

29,000 yen ~ 38,000 yen

Japanese type B-3 (54㎡)

28,000 yen ~ 39,500 yen

Double room (24㎡)

27,000 yen ~ 34,000 yen


Oyado Konoha Sample Plans with Dinner & Breakfast

(From July 15 to November 30, 2010)

Wa Twin Konoha 



Room type

Rate per person

Japanese Twin type (21㎡)

13,500 yen ~ 19,000 yen

Arranged by the hotel

13,000 yen ~ 22,000 yen

Japanese Double type (21㎡)

22,000 yen ~ 22,000 yen


As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I will be very happy to accompany you to one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan “Kusatsu Onsen.”

Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contacts.

Please contact to email address:  CoolToursJapan@gmail.com or miura.kiyohsi198@gmail.com

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