“Wonderful World”- a live-action movie directed by a “voice star” released on Jun.19

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 An entertainment movie “Wonderful World” featuring various types of  entertainers,such as actors, voice actors, musicians, fashion models,and vaudevillians was released on this Jun.19th.


What is especially unique to this film is this work of a “live-action movie” was directed by a “voice actor”. The dirctor is Daisuke Namikawa(/浪川大輔) who is well-known as a voice star of  a lot of characters of  popular anime and video game works, such as Eustass Kid of “ONE PIECE”,  Katsu=Kobayashi of “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”, Italia of ” Hetalia Axis Powers” ,and so forth.  

This movie is Namikawa’s first work as a film director and in the beginning he had difficulties in how he should film a work for he didn’t know abc of the that  job. Still he says he learned a lot and succeeded in integrating jobs of  entertainers of various genre in this work.  He actually doesn’t like the limited images of  “voice actor ”  or other “restricted professions”. A voice actor is usually an actor to act  in live plays or  performs  on TV as well, so, he feels such  drawing lines is nonsense and would like to express art as an artist in general without limited by those boundaries.

His efforts in the new field and the film itself  may convey such messages of  universal  tastes and senses  of art and unification of  “different pieces of  a picture” to people and society.

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