“Carp Swims Up Rapids” (Mini Field Day Part2)

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Last time, I introduced how the mini field day started.

So, this time, let me show you how it was wrapped up.

The last program was called “Koi No Taki Nobori”, meaning “Carp Swims Up Whitewater Rapids”.

I had never tried or even seen this before, so I didn’t know what was coming.

A carp(=kid) goes up the rapids(=fathers' arms)

A carp(=kid) goes up the rapids(=fathers' arms)

(1) Fathers (generally speaking, they have stronger muscles than mothers.) were made in 2 lines.

(2) Each of them linked his arms in the person’s arms in front of him.  (Poor dads! It was such a humid day!!)

(Now I came to understand that fathers would play a role of “the rapids”.)

(3)   Kids were put on “the rapids” one by one.

(Yes, each kid would be a carp.)

(4)   Actually, kids were tossed around the fathers’ arms (like a volleyball) toward the far end of the line!

(5)   Those who reached the end of the last fathers’ arms were caught and held by the director of the kindergarten!

Amazingly, most of the 5-year-old-kids could make it!  But many of the 3-year-old-kids, including my son, were too scared to do this.  My son just tried stepping on “the rapids”, but in a second, he started crying.  He said, “it was just too much higher than I thought!” 

I pray my son can successfully do it in a few years!

You know why?  A carp is a symbol of a successful career in Japan as well as in China.

His success in this program should bring goodness for his future!?

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