AKIRA’s live-action movie is being filmed

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 Katsuhiro Ohtomo(/大友克洋)’s  sci-fi manga work “AKIRA” ,which has been quite popular worldwide for a few decades is at the moment being filmed as a “live-action movie version ”  directed by Albert Hughes,who  revealed the information in a telephone interview with Sankei Shinbun newspaper.20090920-akira_main2

 Albert and Allen Hughes, the twin directors  are famous  for some of their works, such as “From Hell” in 2002 and “the Book of Eli”,  in which Denzel Washington stars, that was released on this Jun,19th and is showing at the moment.thebookof Eli

AKIRA was filmed as an animation movie in 1988 whose  total expenses summed up10 billion yen which was exorbitantly large in the standard for an anime movie in thosedays. And the work also was made to be a Famicon game in 1988 and PS game in 2002.  The English manga version has become very popular in many countries and it was counter-imported to Japan.

Actually, this live-action movie filming project started in 2008  by Warner Bro. and Leonardo DiCaprio and expected to be released in summer in 2009. However, the project confronted with difficulties and upon the withdrawal of  Ruairi Robinson who was supposed to be the director, it has begun to be thought to have been aborted.

Therefore, this new information of the resumption of the project must be welcome by a lot of AKIRA  fans. Actually, Albert Hughes admits openly that he has been a “AKIRA freak” since he watched  the anime version on laser disk in 1994, which would strengthen  even  hard-core fans’ expectations.

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