Mikamoyama Park

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Mikamoyama parkAfter we enjoyed Ramen noodles in Sano and window shopping at the premium outlet, we dropped by Mikamoyama Park.  The name of Mikamoyama is very popular among Japanese people.  The oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand leaves) compiled some time 759 AD. during Nara period includes Mikamoyama poet.

しもつけぬ みかもの山の こならのす まくはしころは たかけかもたむ

Actually I know the name of Mikamoyama but I never knew the whole poet.  I guess most of Japanese people are the same as me. 

A part of Mikamoyama is the local government running park. 


Most of Japanese facilities require admission fee for us to enter, but this park is running by local government so that only you have to pay is a motive ride (train?).

We used the Motorway back to Utsunomiya.  It took us only 40 minutes.

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