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Yukata Boutique (7F)

The yukata fair has just started from last week in the runup to a summer season. The theme for this year is ‘Otona Deco’, which means that partial decorations are added to usual yukata fashion, such as laced obi or decorated obi shime. The new fashion this year is the yukata containing xylitol to make you feel cool when you wear it.  Black, white or dark blue with flower print is the fixed trend in these years.

They prepared 1,000 kind of yukatas and 500 small items for this fair. The price for yukata is between 15,000 yen to 35,000 yen and they offer some benefits by buying a yukata.





Swimsuit Boutique (7F)

The swimsuit booth located next to yukata booth also opened from last week. The brand-new designs for this year is salopette and long skirt style. These are popular for mothers taking care of kids or ladies protecting their skin from a suntan. The laced swimsuit is also the brand-new item for layered clothing on your own one.  They offer some amenity and benefits for customers.




“Pirikara” Sweets Fair (B2F)

This summer, “pirikara” sweets became a hit among young and adult men and women. “Pirikara” means  a little hot, which is really stimulating to get over the very hot summer in Japan. Believe it or not, habanero pepper cheese cake  and black pepper cheese cake are selling successfully, especially for male who want to eat sweets with beer. Chili oil rusk also has a good reputation as snack to go with beer. Those “pirikara” sweets are good for gift to fathers or boyfriends.




Rain Fair (1F)

To be ready for the annoying rainy season, Printemps Ginza began a special booth on the first floor. They newly have umbrella bags to put a wet umbrellas  and rain scarfs to wear on the bicycle. There are of course a variety of stylish umbrella and folding umbrella with great quality. Special services will be offered, such as discount, on a rainy day.

The Hawaiian weeks will be coming up in mid July. Don’t forget to check it out!

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