CLOCKWISE (Hot Dog & Coffee)

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While the kids are at the kindergarten, the mothers sometimes have a get-together, preparing for upcoming events! We get together, chat, eat, and eat!!

Let me show you what we, about ten mothers, picked up for lunch yesterday.

It was CLOCKWISE (Hot Dog and Coffee).



CLOCKWISE serves you very good hot dogs with home-made ketchup and mustard. (basically take-out only. But a table and a few chairs are equipped, so you can eat there, too.)

What I tried was “original hot dog”.  It was simple, but I really enjoyed the juicy sausage and its sauce.  I totally forgot to take its photo… but don’t worry! Here is the picture from CLOCKWISE homepage.

"Original Hot Dog" is served with home-made ketchup and mustard.
All of us were fully satisfied with the hot dogs with various sauce.

*Where is CLOCKWISE? 

CLOCKWISE is coming to TOCHIGI CRAFT BEER FESTA at Orion Square in Utsunomiya, which will be held on July 4th.  You can taste about 20 kinds of local beers at the FESTA!  Hot Dogs with Beer sound great!  (Other local dishes will be served as well.)

I should leave my kids at home and run to the Festa!!   

TOCHIGI CRAFT BEER FESTA : 10:30 to 17:00 on July 4th

*Where is Orion Square? (10 mins walk from JR Utsunomiya St.)

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