Requirements of issuing individual tourist visas for the Chinese is relaxed

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 From this July 1st on, the Japanese government has relaxed the requirements of issuing individual tourist visas to the Chinese. 20100701-153916-1-N

The government started issuing the individual tourist visas to the Chinese just one year ago, July 1st 2009. Even since before the introduction, the number of Chinese tourists in Japan had begun to increase constantly, yet the number has increased rapidly and drastically since the start. this is said to have been accompanied by the great hit of  a Chinese love comedy movie “非誠勿擾“(:I welcome only those who would be really faithful with me) released in December 2008, whose locale was Hokkaido, the northernmost area of Japan. That movie made sales of about 4.2 billion yen(about $466,666,666,  €3,8181,818 ) , and  the number of Chinese tourists who visited Hokkaido increased by 14 times of that in 2007.


However,  until  the end of this June,  such an individual tourist visa was able to be issued only to a high-income household whose head’s annual income was 250,000 yuan (about  ¥3500,000, $38889, €31,819)or more.  Now that income condition has been lowered and  middle-class households have come to meet the criteria of being qualified. With this, the number of  the qualified people has suddenly increased by 10 times ,and reached the number of about 16,000,000 households.  The    authorized facilities  of issuing visas also have been largely increased and available in China nationwide.

 The Chinese government encourage  its citizens to take vacations and visit the Shanghai Expo which is being held in Shanghai at the moment, but actually some young middle-class chinese say they would like to visit Japan instead of  the Expo utilizing  vacations.   A lot of young female Chinese are interested in the up-to-date Japanese fashions and go to hair salons cosmetic stores,and apparel shops which promote the Japanese styles and ways in China.  

On the other hand, in Japan,  Chinese tourists to visit Akihabara, the mecca of subculture, and Ginza, the most traditional and fanciest shopping street in Japan are remarkably increasing. Therefore, some electric  appliance stores in Akihabara prepare Chinese speaking employees, posters and notices in Chinese and some  big department stores in Ginza are preparing for better services of  floor information and tourist information centers which will be provided with English speaking and Chinese speaking staffers.

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