The Morning Musume。making its name at the 11th Japan Expo in Paris  

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  As some writers referred to here, the 11th Japan Expo was held this Jul.1-4th at Paris-Nord Villepinte  Exhibition Center  in Paris, France.  And “the Morning Musume。”(/MM) , the popular national  girls idol group was invited to the event and hosted concert on the 2nd and joined the conference on the 4th.


  The MM made a big success at its concert  which drew some 4,000 audiences. Some of them are from other countries such as Italy and China. 

The group has hosted concerts in China,Taiwan,Korea in 2008 and in Los Angeles in 2009, yet this was its first concert in Europe. The audiences were so excited and the group proved its lasting popularity. The management say, “The MM is a symbol of  Japanese culture. the group’s quality of  singing, dancing, how it displays at the show are all y high.”

As the matter of fact, in Japan some say the MM is no longer enjoying huge populartity as it used to,  being overwhelmed by  emerging new natiowide popular idol group, AKB48. Actually, AKB  hosted a concert at this very same event of  Japan Expo last year (the 10th anniversary event).  As I wrote yesterday here, AKB was now invited and performed at a concert in Anime Expo in Los Angeles, which may not have been necessarily satisfactory .  The current situations of the two groups draw an intersting , clear and  quite similar contrast now. 

Two of the MM’s members are from China, which  may represent a potential international trait of the group.   Ai Takahashi, the leader of the group said, “Even though just our coming to France itself made  us happy enough, yet now we are even happier for we are thus welcomed by French people so much.  I like to visit various countries, and I will be so happy to host our concerts in various countries if we are asked to do there. ” 

 Developing posibilities in the broad international market must be a quite attractive option full of  opportunities for those idol groups.

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