Who can say Onsen business is an exceptional?

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Chapanese economic sphere expanding over even in the Japanese Onsen industry

What is “Chapanese?”  It is a coined word (造語) used in a recent issue of Japanese magazine “Nikkei Business.” It means that Japanese companies are merged or acquired (M&A) by Chinese organizations and create highbred mixture companies consisting of Chinese and Japanese. 


 Once, M&A by leading Japanese organizations in the developed countries were typical style for bringing them into global enterprises. For example, Renown Incorporated purchased famed English brand Aquascutum in 1990.

 M&A chinese co.

However, the leading Japanese apparel maker failed to manage this world famous brand and was required to put additional investment. Renown could not prepare the money and therefore forced to ask investment form outside. Chinese textile maker山東如意科技集団 interested in Renown brands and purchase of 41.18% of Renown’s share. The leading Chinese textile company is trying to bring it to be a global enterprise as similar expectations as Japanese companies once had.

 yamada onsen hotel +mr. kamori

Kamori Knko Co sold off  “Yamada Onsen Hotel”

According to Mr. Kimihito Kamori, CEO of Kamori Knko Co., Chinese investors are interested in buying Japanese inns and hotels in Hokkaido and visit his company one after another. Actually, one of the Japanese Onsen inns “Yamada Onsen Hotel” under the group was sold off to the investor based on China in April, 2010.


Mt .Zao Onsen Resort & Spa in Zao

In April, “Mt .Zao Onsen Resort & Spa in Zao” in Miyagi Prefecture opened under the new owner, Mingly Corporation based on Hong Kong. The new hotel used to be a famous Japanese inn named “Chikusenso”. The renewed hotel targets for wealthy Chinese inbound travelers from the main land.

Background of the tendency is based on rapid increase of Chinese arrivals to hot spring resorts in Japan. Number of total Chinese arrivals to Japan counted 1 million in 2009. Past four months from January to April in this year, it counted 488 thousands which is 28% increases compared to that of last year.

Addition to that, restrictions of issuing tourist visa to Chinese people has recently eased by the Japanese government.

Exporting of made-in-Japan goods or technologies to foreign countries was stereotyped expression for our economy. It can be said outbound style economic growth. However, Japanese economy is beginning to change to inbound style economy. Who can say Onsen business is an exceptional? You may stay in a Chapanese Onsen resort without recognizing its origin or nationality.

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