Mt. Zao Onsen Resort & Spa renewal opened in April 22,

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Small Japanese inn reborn as one of the Leading Hotels of the World



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The story about strong investment power from China was introduced in my last column. A typical case of Capanese Onsen or highbred of Chinese and Japanese hot spring is newly opened Mt. Zao Onsen Resort & Spa. It is interesting to see how the old Japanese inn in remote heights was improved. 

kichiji+Yoshitune in Japanese

A Legendary Gold Dealer “Kichiji” and Minamotono Yoshitsune.

Mt. Zao Onsen Resort & Spa used to be a small Japanese Onsen inn “Chikusenso” in Togatta Onsen (遠刈田温泉). Foundation of the Onsen dates back to Keicho 6 (1601) but other sauce says a legendary gold dealer, “Kaneuri Kichiji”, or a patron of a tragic historical hero Minamotono Yoshitsune, opened hot spring in Kamakura Period. It is said that “Kichiji” first met Minamotono Yoshitsune in 1174 and escorted him to Fujiwarano Hidehira in Ohshu, when the tragic hero tried fleeing from his brother Minamotono Yoritome.

Old Chikusennso Set

Old “Chikusenso” before total renovation.

The Onsen inn was located in the heights little far away from the center of the Togatta Onsen. Unfortunately, Chikusenso went bankrupt in January, 2007. Osbert International Co. under Mingly Corporation in Hong Kong bid successfully for Chikusenso inn.

Osbert Hotels Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Osbert International Co., in Togatta-Onsen, Miyagi-Pref for running of this purchased small Japanese inn. The new company had started its renovation project immediately after acquisition.

Well known Japanese designers and producers were appointed to the project such as Mr. Hitoshi Abe, Mr. Yukio Hashimoto, and Mr. Daisuke Miyashita. And one of the largest general construction companies, Kajima Corporation was appointed for renovation works.

Mr. Daisuke Miyashita(宮下大輔)/Restaurant General Produce

kurayamizaka miyasita+ mr. miyashita

Restaurant Creator, Mr. Miyashita and “Kurayamizaka Miyashita.”

Well-known creator in the food & beverage industry, who has produced leading trendy restaurants such as “Kurayamizaka Miyashita”, “Yoshoku Miyashita”, and “Uchiyama Ginza”.

Mr. Hitoshi Abe (阿部 仁史)/Renewal Design

Hitoshi Abe+ Miyagi Sd.

Architect Mr. Abe and Miyagi Stadium.

Renewal design was in charge of Mr. Hitoshi Abe who is known as designer for Miyagi Stadium used for 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan.

Mr. Yukio Hashimoto (橋本 夕紀夫)/ Interior Design

Yukio Hashimoto + work

Interior Designer Mr. Hashimoto and a guest room in the Peninsula Tokyo

Interior design was in charge of Mr. Yukio Hashimoto, who designed guest rooms for Peninsula Tokyo and other projects.

It is really a typical collaboration of Chinese and Japanese, because the strong Chinese money called up leading designer, producer and a construction company in Japan to organize a special team for renovation project.

As a result, a small Japanese inn at remote heights in Zao was completely reborn as a member hotel of The Leading Hotels of the World.

The Leading Hotels of The World, Ltd. (LHW) is a hospitality organization representing more than 450 of the world’s finest hotels, resorts and spas, located in over 80 countries around the world. As one of the largest international luxury hotel brand, the firm maintains sales and marketing offices in 24 markets across the globe.

chikusenso layout

Covering 66,000 sq meters, Chikusenso Mt Zao Onsen Resort and Spa is a heritage resort which weaves a charming tale of a rare treasure developed by visionaries of remarkable insight in architecture and beauty.

New Chikusenso

At the foot of Mt. Zao, allow all your senses to awaken. Enjoy the tranquility, being at one with you. Layers of wisdom, the natural and human in harmony, encounter the new, beyond your daily experience. You have arrived – bathe in the serenity at Chikusenso.

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I will be very happy to accompany you to this internationally qualified hot spring resort, “Chikusenso” in Togatta Onsen.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contacts.

Please Contact Us/お問合せ

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