Plastic Tree x PEACE NOW

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Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree

On August 13th Plastic Tree will be holding their Nippon Budokan Performance “Tent2” and to celebrate the event, there will be a limited collaboration campaign with SHINJUKU MARUI ONE’s PEACE NOW as “PEACE NOW Tent 2”. On the last day of the campaign, which will be July 25th, the members of Plastic Tree are scheduled for a hand shake event and another number of projects. Don’t let this chance get past you.

Plastic  Tree  is an alternative rock band from Japan that was formed in December 1993 by Arimura Ryutaro and Hasegawa Tadashi. Since then, the line-up has changed a few times before settling on Ryutaro on vocals, Tadashi on bass, Nakayama Akira on guitar and Satou Kenken on drums. Tadashi is the leader but most decisions are made as a group.
Ryutaro and Tadashi wanted to combine two words to form the band name; something artificial and something natural.

PEACE NOW is a Gothic lolita brand that incporates current trend to create casual yet unique clothes that can be worn everyday.

1. “PEACE NOW X Tent 2” Collaboration Campaign
Campaign 1:
*Plastic Tree Member Hand Shake Event
Campaign 2:
*Plastic Tree Lottery
Held during the event hours among all customer purchasing goods worth more than 6,300 yen in the “PEACE NOW X Tent 2” Limited SHOP and being owners of the Epos card can participate,
Campaign 3:
“PEACE NOW X Tent 2” Limited SHOP Limited Goods Sale!
Hello Kitty X Plastic Tree X PEACE NOW Triple Collaboration of “Hello Kitty X Neko Jirushi BIG T-Shirt Limited Color” Time-Sale.

2. Plastic Tree Shop Hand Shake Event
7/25 Part One: 14:00 / Part Two: 16:00
[Participation Rules] Purchase goods worth more than 6,300 yen at SHINJUKU MARUI ONE 1Fの”PEACE NOW X Tent 2″ Limited SHOP to receive a participation card.

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