Gyoza for OCHUGEN (midyear presents)

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As you might know, Utsunomiya is what is called the gyoza-capital of Japan!  Per capita consumption of gyoza is largest in this country. 

This is one of my favorites.

Menmen gyoza is one of my favorites.

What’s the origin of the Utsunomiya gyoza (Chinese dumplings)?

Here is some popular belief;

(1) After World War II, the Japanese soldiers brought back the special gyoza recipes from China to Utsunomiya. 

(2) Utsunomiya has been growing good chinese chives, which is one of the main ingredient in gyoza.

There are so many Gyoza restaurants in Utsunomiya-city.  When you have a chance to stop by at JR Utsunomiya station, sample some gyoza from various restaurants at one spot called Utsunomiya Gyoza Komachi (corner)!

 The middle of July is the Ochugen season in Japan.  We have a custom of sending midyear presents (basically twice a year :Ochugen in July, Oseibo in December) to our relatives or whom we are indebted to.


Of course, I always choose Gyoza for Ochugen !!

The frozen gyoza you pick up can be sent by a home-delivery service, which keeps the percel frozen. 

Kirasse at JR UtsunomiyaThis time I picked up Menmen gyoza and Sanei perilla gyoza at Kirasse right next to Gyoza Komachi at JR Utsunomiya St.  I’m sure my relatives will enjoy the real Utsunomiya taste!  All they have to do is cook the frozen gyoza on a pan or boil them.

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