Chiyo Ishihara Ballet “School Performance”

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1277611375-10-1Chiyo Ishihara Ballet School is holding a school performance tomorrow!

I’m one of the “madam dancers”, who will be on a stage just for 2 minutes as well as other young potential dancers.
In the early morning tomorrow, I will start preparation for the stage.  We are going to have “Generalprobe”(running through rehearsal), stage make-up, and other lessons.  Once I go into the dressing room of the hall, I can’t get out until the performance ends in the night.

How can I manage to milk my young baby?  (He still needs milk every two hours.)

I ask for my whole family’s 100% support!  My parents are now taking a bullet train to come to Utsunomiya and give a big help. 

Tomorrow, my mother and my baby are going to go back and forth between our home and the hall. 

My husband will be a driver.  My elder son will be taken care of by my husband and my father.

I’m afraid that my family cannot be seated to see the performance. 

I really appreciate my family’s thorough understanding and support!

My “smile” on the stage will surely be all the bigger for my family’s support and “tears”!

Chiyo Ishihara Ballet School Performance

August 1, 2010 @Tochigi-ken Sougou Bunka Center – Main Hall

Door Opens at 14:30

Curtain Rises at 15:30


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