Tochigi Prefectural Government Building with kids

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Tochigi Prefecrual Government Building was rebuilt two years ago.

view from the deckIts 15th-floor observation deck offers the panoramic views of the city, surrounded by Nikko mountains.



This floor is also provided with the space for kids to play for kids


The second floor has co-op store and cafe.  What the co-op bakery sells includes some bread made with “Kome-ko” (rice powder), which is made in Tochigi.  Kome-ko bread is my elder son’s favorite. 

 komeko bread

I took two boys to Tochigi Prefectural Government Building today– pick up some bread on the 2nd floor, go up to the 15th floor and eat.  My elder son was running around the observation deck.  My younger son was changed his diaper in the spacious baby room.


It’s terribly hot these days. 

Why don’t you pick up Tochigi Prefectural Government Building to spend a few hours?  Once you park your car on the B1 floor, you don’t have to breathe such hot air.


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