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Hiroshi Ebisawa Architect & Associates


Phoenix Seagaia Resort “Shosenkyu” Onsen.

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Phoenix Seagaia Resort is a large resort complex in Miyazaki, Japan. The name Seagaia is a coined word(造語)combination of the words “sea” and “gaia”. Gaia means the earth in Greek. It’s located near the Pacific Ocean on Kyushu region. The high-rise had 750 rooms, 2 golf courses, a convention hall, and a domed stadium. It is a quite rare, exclusive class seaside resort facility in Japan.

Outlook of Seagaia

During the 1980s, the US and European developers had already learned form the past mistakes, not to build giant resort complexes. Their trend was to design and build smaller scale projects, in various locations. They did not want putting all their eggs in one basket.

In Japan on the contrary, a great number of large resort developments had started one after another stimulated by so called “the resort law”. Unfortunately, the ocean resort, Sea Gaia, was built during the height of Japan’s bubble economy, and the most people believed that it would be the most advanced global standard resort.

However, this 3 billion dollar project went bankrupted in 2001. It seemed that the planner of the big project mistakenly counted their customers as just number of solid bodies without human character. They failed to learn from Western resorts.

The mega resort was purchased by an US investment company, Lipplewood Holding Corporation for redevelopment. The new owner appointed an American architect, Mr. Paul Ma, as a lead architect for its renovation work.


Mr. Paul Ma, known for his master plan for IKSPIARI in Tokyo Disney Resort, contacted to Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa for his Onsen knowledge. He wanted to redesign the existing facility into a more Japanese style Onsen resort. The Phoenix project was completed in October 2004. This rare East-West combination plan became a reality due to the keen western business sense. Japanese investors felt the project was too risky to take on. Paul Ma’s “open-air” concept perfectly matched to Mr. Ebisawa’s Japanese “touch” with the outdoor nature.

shosenkyu+ outdoor bath

Two bathhouses were newly built there and named “Yuya-60” for grand bath and “Charter Onsen” for private Onsen where guests can enjoy a grand view of the forest and lake while bathing in their own privacy. Newly developed Onsen area was named “Shosenkyu” or Pine tree Onsen Palace, derived form the beautiful landscape.

Onsen Shosenkyu set

The hotel brochure informs on Onsen at Shosenkyu (松泉宮)


Adjacent to the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, nestled in the pine groves stands Shosenkyu. Comprised of small, separate baths, a medium bath, and a large communal bath, this traditional style onsen has an air of mystic, ancient Japan that makes for a truly soothing, calming experience.

Each wing of the onsen is named after the moon that looms above the whispering pines.

While our hotel guests have the leisure and opportunity to most fully enjoy our onsen, we also have a one-day plan for visitors not requiring lodging.

Hanareyu (Private Baths) 5 Wings: Mikazuki, Jusanya, Izayoi, Tachimachi, Imachi

photo_hanare-yu waterfall

Hours:  6:00-10:00,15:00-24:00

Reservations only. Priority given to guests of the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort’s Luxury Grande Floor.

* Group Hotel Guests and Visitors: 10:00-16:00.
* Mochitzuki is the location of the Banyan Tree Spa’s Spa Pavilion.

Medium Bath – Shingetsu


Hours:  6:00-10:00,15:00-24:00

Priority given to guests of the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort’s Luxury Grande Floor.

Large Communal Bath Tsukuyomi


Hours:  6:00-24:00

Priority given to guests of the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort’s Grande Floor.
* Group Hotel Guests and Visitors: 6:00-24:00.



business hours

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort guests

Luxury Grande Floor

Grande Floor

Other guests














¥4,000/ 1 house
(1 hour)

¥5,000 / 1 house

For Quick bathers


business hours

Citizens in Miyazaki Pref.

Other guests





¥6,500/ 1 person (Lunch + Room)



¥10,000/ 1 person (Lunch + Room)

General Information

Name Shosenkyu Onsen at the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Address: 3083 Hamayama, Yamazaki, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki, Japan
Phone: 0985-21-1113
Website: http://www.seagaia.co.jp/japanese/spas/index.html

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I will be very happy to accompany you to this internationally qualified hot spring resort, “Seagaia Resort” in Miyazaki.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contacts.

Please Contact Us/お問合せ

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