A New Idol Group “AKBN 0” (!) debut

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  A young female idol group “AKBN 0”  hosted its debut live concert on Yoyogi Park Open-air Stage in Shibuya Tokyo on this Aug.13th. Despite the rainy weather ,more than 500 audience welcomed this new group, which sang 4 songs of other idol groups, such as AKB48 and Morning Musume。, for the new group has no songs of its own yet. So, AKBN0 is now recruiting original songs for it at its official website http://www.akbn.tv/index.html.    


There are nine members at the moment (one of them has already retired) as the First Generation of the group.

 The name of the group “AKBN 0” is from “Akabane”(/赤羽),which is a town in Tokyo,as the group is based on that area. And “0” (zero) means “starting the idol project with no budget”.    Actually, each member has to make money for the project by selling her  personal goods via Yahoo Auction and its tickets of  concerts and others.  The requirement of  passing of the final stage of the audition of the First Generation was to sell their personal items via Yahoo at 20,000 or more yen(about $130, €180), which, fortunately,everyone of the nine members was able to meet  and led to their debut.    

Yet, just after the happy debut, AKBN0 was assigned “the first ordeal to continue the career”, which was “a member has to sell the tickets of the event for fans in Shibuya summing up 50,000 yen or more”.  If a memeber could not meet the amount of the sales, then such a member immediately would have been forced to retire.

  Fortunaletly again, all the members finally met the condition and are now allowed to keep doing the project’s activities. The said event in Shibuya was held on Aug. 15th, which included mini live consert, talk show, audiences’s shake-hands and taking photos together with the members ,and even “short dates” with them.   Every auidience could have a  date  with a member for 30 minutes at 10,000 yen !  

Unlike ordinary female idol groups,  the policy of AKBN0 is “You can go see and touch and   date with members ! ” . The members have to keep making money with their own hands to continue their career until they achieve the goal of  performing at the “Kohaku Utagassen”(/紅白歌合戦、The Year End Singing Program of White and Red Teams on the new years eve, that I wrote about here before .) . Though AKBN0 has nothing to do with AKB48 or any other existing idol groups, some members had applied for auditions of those existing groups before they were chosen members of AKBN0. Therefore, the members are energetically making efforts to be well-known and popular overwhelming other young female idol groups.

At the moment, AKBN0 is recruiting new members through an audition of the “Third Generation” at its said official website.

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