Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park

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I’ve been to Nikko with TOTAK members the other day.  Main purpose of our visist to Nikko was to appreciate a performance of Takigi Noh Play at Rin-nouji Temple.  Chair person of the society organized the tour not only to see the Noh Play but also including Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park. 


Currently we have three Imperial Villas in Japan.  Suzaki Imperial Villa in Shizuoka, Hayama Imperial Villa in Kanagawa and Nasu Imperial Villa in Tochigi.  We used to have an Imperial Villa in Nikko as well.  Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa was built in 1899 for imperial prince Yoshihito who would be Taisho emperor.  He was poor in health so that he needed to stay at some of the health resort.  The summer weather in Nikko was suitable for him and the officials (mainly ministry of Imperial hold) decided to build it for him.  After the world war two, due to the new constitution introduced, Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa was abolished in 1947.  However, one of Tochigi authorities maintain the property as one of parks in Tochigi.  You should go there while you are here in Tochigi, Japan.

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