“TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010″‘s course is going to air at Sky PerfecTV! on Sep.10th and 20th

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 The course  of  “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010 @Shinagawa” or “TIF2010” held on this Aug.6th-8th(the eve event was held on the 6th) in Shinagawa Tokyo is going to air on coming Sep.(Fri.) 10th 21:00- 0:00 and 20th(Mon.) 20:00-23:00(re-run will be done on the 20th) at Sky PercTV! http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp/eng/guide/index.html  and http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp/special/idol/


“TIF2010” has been the biggest live event of  popular female idol groups ever held .http://www.tif2010.com/


There were totally 8 venues on whose main one  live performances were done. At some venue, there were tent booths of selling related items and idols hosted shake-hands events. And at some venue, dolphin shows hosted by idols were done and at some other one, live broadcast of TV programs were done. Some venues were free of charge and any casual passer-by was allowed to join in. Shinagawa Prince Hotel and its related buildings became  big and hot venues of this passionate summer festival with so many visitors of  idols’ fans.

Totally more than 40 young female groups paticipated and performed with zeal and passions at the event.  They were as follows; (the each English translations in the blanks are not necessarily the formal English name of the group)


○アイドリング!!!(/Idoling!!!) ○さくら学院(/Sakura Gakuin) ○東京女子流(Tokyo Girls’ Style) ○Tomato n’ Pine  ○ぱすぽ☆(/PASSPO) ○バニラビーンズ(/Vanilla Beans ) ○腐男塾(/Fudanjuku)  ○ももいろクローバー(/Momoiro Clover) ○YGA  ○アフィリア・サーガ・イースト(/Afilia Saga East) ○私立恵比寿中学(/Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku) ○ディアステージ・オールスターズ(/Dear Stage All Stars) ○中野腐女子シスターズ(/Nakano Fujoshi Sisters) ○みにちあ☆ベアーズ(/Mini Cheer ☆Bears) ○桃知みなみ(/Minami Momochi) ○LOVE BOWLERs  ○わた☆チュー(/Wata☆Chu) ・・・and more・・・


The broadcasting  of the TV program will be done at  ” Ch. 191 スカチャンHD191″ , “Ch.181 スカチャン181”, and “Ch.801 スカチャンHD801” of   Sky perfecTV! on the scheduled two dates.

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