Some 280,000,000 Yen being collected to the charity show of 『24 HOUR TELEVISION 33 “LOVE SAVES THE EARTH”』

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 『24 HOUR TELEVISION 33 “Love Saves The Earth” 』 or “24HTV 33″(/24時間テレビ33「愛は地球を救う」) , the nationwide special TV charity show was held Aug.28th(Sat.)-29th(Sun.) and by the end of the program, it succeeded in raising some 280 million Yen(≒ $34 million, €2.6 million) in amount. And the charity term of the show is July-September, so, the total sum is still increasing at the moment even after the show has been over. All of the  collected money will be given to activities to help and assist the disabled, disaster victims, and seriously ill people. 
You can donate money to this charity show through convenience stores, bank remittances, and even via the Internet with your credit cards. Actually my mother and I cooperated with the program through its official website.
TOKIO , the main MC of "24HTV 33"  They are popular male idol group.

TOKIO , the main MC of "24HTV 33" They are popular male idol group.


 This long-running popular  annual TV charity show of  NTV(Nippon Television Network Corporation, 日本テレビ) and its affiliated TV stations nationwide  started in 1978 and this was the 33rd one this year.   Each time popular stars, singers, actors, athletes and others show up and perform and various sub-directoryprograms in the two-day long (about 26.5 hours) program.They sang, danced, acted, joined social welfare activities, marathon , triathlon of  a visually- challenged girl, and so forth.

a specific collection box fo "24HTV"

a specific collection box fo "24HTV"

TOKIO ,a popular male idol group was in charge of the main MC od the show. And the currently most popular young female idol group,AKB48,  Ryoko Yonehara(/米原涼子) a popular actor,and other well-known celebrities and TV personalities were hosts of the show. Some famous Korean stars cooperated with the programs as well.  

"Nippon Budokan" in Tokyo,  the main venue of the show

"Nippon Budokan" in Tokyo, the main venue of the show

Each time this show has a special subject of the year and this year’s is “Thank You”(/「ありがとう」).  A lot of people in the show  expressed their gratitude and talked about thanking someoneand mutual help.  Some athletes and TV personalities tried a challenging sport activities and some of them surpringly bested the world records of those sport activities,such as  trying to make ten-strikes as many as possible withen one minute, and  trampoline-dunks.

Every year the show appoints one runner who is a TV personality as a runner to try a long and tough  the double distance marathon of  85 km to encourage suffering people spending the term of the show about 26 hours with breaks.    Sometimes  the runner  is able to reach the goal at Nippon Budokan, the main venue of the show in Tokyo in time, and sometimes the runner can’t make it by the end of the airingterm of the show.  Last year the runner couldn’t reach Nippon Budokan withen the term of  the airing time.

This year the “chosen runner” was  Ai Haruna(/はるな愛) a shemale Tvpersonality who is rapidly becoming popular and selected as “the best shemale of the world”. “She” (or “he”?) is the first shemale runner in the all the history of the  “24HTV”.   Actually, she had made it to reaching the goal about 10 minutes before the show was over so dramatically, and  energetically and zealously  welcomed by so many audiences of  MCs, other performers, staff, and even passers-by. The grand finale of the show with her arrivial at the goal was quite impressive.  

Ai  Haruna, this year's  selected runner of the 85 km-long marathon in "24HTV"

Ai Haruna, this year's selected runner of the 85 km-long marathon in "24HTV"

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