Michinoeki(Roadside Station) Kitsuregawa

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Onsen & Onsen-pools!?
Michinoeki (roadside station) is basically the public facilities where you can enjoy local products.  At various Michinoekies, my family often eat delicious Udon-noodles, Soba-noodles, ice creams, etc.  We usually buy local vegetables as well.
Onsen&onsen-pools are equipped with this Michinoeki.

Onsen&onsen-pools are equipped with this Michinoeki.

Michinoeki Kitsuregawa is one of the few roadside stations in Japan, which are equipped with Onsen (indoor & open-air) and hot-spring pools.  When taking an indoor&open-air bath, neither swimsuits nor any single item of clothing are allowed.  However, when opening the door to the swimming pools, never forget to put on your swimsuit! 

The quality of Kitsuregawa Onsen is said to be one of the best in Japan to make your skin smooth and beautiful. 

Our family had never appreciated Onsen & “onsen pools” at Michinoeki Kitsuregawa before.

Isn’t is great to soak yourself in a good Onsen even while you let your kids play with water in a hot-spring pool??

That’s why we decided to spend one afternoon at Michinoeki Kitsuregawa. 


When opening the door to the pools, you have to put on a swimsuit.

When opening the door to the pools, you have to put on a swimsuit.

We took an indoor & open-air onsen separately. (my husband & my elder son: male side, my younger son and myself: female side)

Then we got together at “onsen pools” with swimsuits on.  My elder son played in a hot-spring pool for kids.  My younger son with a diaper was not allowed to go into the swimming pool.  So I had to carry him in my arm at the swimming pool area.  He could take an indoor & open-air bath, though. 


My husband and I couldn’t get fully relaxed at this kind of Onsen and hot-spring pools because we were busy taking care of two boys – help them change their clothes, go back and forth between bath and pools.  However, our skin got obviously smooth!!  And I was very happy to hear that my elder son really enjoyed this experience of taking a bath and a swimming pool at the same time.


Michinoeki Kitsuregawa (on Route 293, Sakura-city in Tochigi)



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