Scenic Corridor Connects Bathhouse and Eating Facility

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 1998 海老沢宏

Hiroshi Ebisawa Architect & Associates


Yuya “Kotohiki-kairo”


 top image


Yuya “Kotohiki-kairo” is located in Kannonji city, 30 minutes from Seto-ohashi Bridge, in the center of the Mitoyo area, western Kagawa prefecture. Five minutes away from the center of the city is the Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内海,).

Beautiful sunsets, set against white dune and green pine forest, are renowned at the beach in the Kotohiki Prefectural Park


 Saitagawa_river+ kotohiki park

Saitagawa river.mouth and Ariake-hama beach


The Onsen was planned on a peninsula, between Saitagawa river.mouth and Ariake-hama beach.

At the planning period, many public and privately operated hot spring projects had been developed in Kagawa Prefecture as usual. Most of them were multifunctional health centers or cure-house styles. Yuya “Kotohiki-kairo” was a rare exception to the rule, and is the first facility to concentrate on hot springs as its only interest.

Alternating between different outdoor baths, getting in contact with hot water and cool air is a therapy rarely practiced these days. As guests learn the process, they begin to fully enjoy the benefits of the Onsen. Although, it took a few yeas before attracting local bathers, “Kotohiki-kairo” has increased its number of arrivals steadily.


inner baths 

Old Japanese Cypress bath coated with japan


Inner bathing area opens up into outer bathing area. Guests can enjoy continuous yet changing scenery.

Architect, H. Ebisawa planned to set dramatic effect to make bathers enjoy sequence of beautiful sunset sceneries reflecting on the water in the Kodai-hinoki Urushi-buro (古代桧漆塗り風呂)or Old Japanese Cypress bath coated with japan.  


 outdoor baths


Under the awful condition of facing to seashore, over 350 tons of natural rocks were brought into for both in men’s and women’s outdoor baths. All different outdoor baths were skillfully laid out for enjoy excursion of bathing.

The bathhouse is connected by a 35 meter long corridor to the eating areas. Guests can enjoy the changing scenery as they move through the walkway.


corridor and restaurant 



Address: 6-6 Ariake-cho, Kannonji city, Kagawa, Japan
Phone: 0875-24-4567
Business Hours 10:00~23:00



Admission fee

+Linen set




Child (5~12 year-old)



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