“Tsuruga” Group renovated old public facility more attractive

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“Jozankei Yurara” reborn as “Mori-no-uta”



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 “Jozankei Onsen” is located in the Minami Ward of Sapporo city in Hokkaido and is commonly called as “Sapporo-no-okuzashiki” (札幌の奥座敷)or the guest room of Sapporo.

The hot spring was originally found by Ainu and was later occupied by Japanese in the Edo period. Buddhist monk named Mizumi Jozan built a hot-spring cure house in 1866.


The Ainu and the image of Mizumi Jozan


The Ainu (アイヌ) are the indigenous people or groups in Japan and Russia. Historically they spoke the Ainu language and related varieties and lived in Hokkaidō, the Kuril Islands, and much of Sakhalin. Most of those who identify themselves as Ainu still live in this same region, though the exact number of living Ainu is unknown. This is due to ethnic issues in Japan resulting in those with Ainu backgrounds hiding their identities and confusion over mixed heritages. In Japan, because of intermarriage over many years with Japanese, the concept of a ‘pure Ainu’ ethnic group is no longer feasible. Official estimates of the population are of around 25,000, while the unofficial number is upwards of 200,000 people.

 inner grand bath&jagee

Inner bath and Jacuzzi


“Hotel New Jozankei Yurara” was closed on March 31, this year, which was owned by a public organization, “Hokkaido Shi-Cho-Son Shokuin Kyosai-kumiai”. The hotel had mainly served for governmental staff members and their families for cities, towns, and villages in Hokkaido.

Actually, one of the leading Japanese Onsen inn groups in Hokkaido, “Tsuruga” purchased this public facility and closed temporarily for remodeling. The hotel has completed its renovation and reopened on August 2, 2010. Although, “Tsuruga” group will invest more than 90 million yen on the new hotel project including for its renovation, it can be said that it is a good bargain.

The hotel opened only 10 yeas ago and its building as well as interior has been maintained in good condition. It is located in a quiet high ground opposite to the main street of Jozankei Onsen. Bathing facility of this hotel is wonderful and its outdoor bathes are especially attractive. They also have nice inner bathes and spa.

outdoor bath set 

Wonderful outdoor baths


In spring, summer, autumn, and winter, trees and plants in the surrounding forest, show their own expressions in different colors and forms. Harmonizing with beautiful scenery of forest, variety of trees, plants, and flowers will be planted in various spots of the hotel precinct as such along the approach, and in the hotel garden, to greet arrival guests.


Lobby and Mori market


After passing though the gallery of forest, you will see a different image of hotel lounge. There is a curtain like strips of waterfall from the top, a large fireplace decorated with an iron art object. The object symbolizes a huge tree stretching up to the heaven.


morino bar 

“Mori” or Forest bar


At a corner of lounge, a small bar is laid out as a retreat from every day life. It is something like a resting place where you are in among stumps in the forest. An eight meters wide bar with a beautiful Ainu pattern is like spinning out the story of “Osa” or a chief of Ainu tribe who had kept the forest since prehistorically times.


wine celler&restaurant 

Wine cellars on the way to the restaurant


An image of restaurant in the story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” appears in the hotel. Like you are lost your way in a forest, you may pass through a tunnel of stone-made wine cellars before going into the restaurant.


bufe set 

Open kitchen and buffet


A confectionary chef prepares various kinds of sweets and fruits with glass of colorful drinks. As a restaurant in the forest story, an open kitchen can cook anything you want, such as pizza, bread, waffle, onion soup au gratin, and risotto hot from the oven.


room set 


All guest rooms are also remodeled for providing more comfortable conditions for good sleep. Pillows, beds, amenities, air conditioning, a sound of B.G.M, and all other related elements are coordinated for your good sleep. If you bring your lovely pet with you, hotel provides special rooms on the third floor. New attraction is outdoor bath in the cottages.


General Information

Name: Jozankei Tsuruga Resort & Spa Mori-no-uta
Address: 192, East 3, Jozankei Onsen, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone: 011-598-2671
Website: http://www.morino-uta.com/


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