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Baby Crawling Race


This is an exciting Baby Crawling Race!

This is an exciting Baby Crawling Race!

Akachan Honpo Utsunomiya, which sells various baby goods and maternity clothing, holds “Baby Crawling Race” once a month.  Look at this picture.  Can you see the race filled with excitement??  Parents and grandparents get much more excited than the babies on the race, don’t they?


Here are the entry conditions;


My younger son participated in the race last weekend.  Each race has 3 babies.

Even when the race had started, my son just stayed still and looked around curiously…

When the race was almost finished, he suddenly realized his family called his name! He dashed on his hands and knees to the goal!!  So fast!! 

If only he could have dashed at the sound of the starting whistle.  Though he was the last to reach the goal, he looked so happy to be surrounded by many people.

Anyway, we had fun.


Akachan Honpo Utsunomiya



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