Mountain Resort Hotel with Inner Bath and Circulating Pool

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 1996 海老沢宏

Hiroshi Ebisawa Architect & Associates


Sunvalley Nasu Aqua Venus


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The origin of Nasu Onsen dates back to some time around 738 A.C. during the Nara period. “Nasuyu” (那須湯) or Nasu Onsen is written in the old Shosoin documents. During the Edo period, it was very popular, known as “Nasu-nana-yu” or seven onsens in Nasu.


Along with Kusatsu Onsen, Nasu is well known hot spring resort in northen Kanto area. It takes around 1 hour from Tokyo by the Tohoku-shinkansen bullet trains. A 40-minute hotel shuttle bus ride will take guests to Nasu-yumoto Onsen Resort.




Nasu Imperial Villa (那須御用邸), is located nearby and the royal family visits this area in summer. It can be called as the guest house for the capital city, Tokyo. Nasu Highland is at the foot of active volcano, Mt. Nasudake. An entrance area of the highland is commonly called Shin-nasu-onsen which is backed by the acting volcano and is extended over 40km from east to west, and 80km from south to north. Hotel Sun Valley Nasu is a multi-purpose resort park providing 11 different types of hotel lodgings, with a capacity for over 2000 guests. Hotel-owned buses carry guests through the different facilities in the forest.


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The main hotel has 44 separate bathing rooms, including a large outdoor Onsen for both hotel guests and day trippers. Renoir’s bronze Venus welcome guests into bathing-suit-required onsen spa, named “Aqua Venus”. It is built next to the main bathhouse.


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Laid out on a 30 by 140 meters site, various exercise spots are located along the 50 meters long circulating spa pool. There are 22 different activity spots along the way, including some rapid stream area. These are to encourage spa users to exercise.




In order to separate the inner “nude” bath area from “clothed” spa area, the inner baths are located on the higher mezzanine level, looking down into the semi-outdoor spa which seems to continue into the meadow. As a result, the new building looks like a flat house but has 10m high with higher drafty space.


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Mr. Ebisawa’s design is usually based on providing the bathhouse open to the outdoor or nature. However, all inner baths are completely sealed inside this time. Guests can enjoy different sceneries of quiet inner baths and a rich forest of heights from the spa.


General Information

Name Sun Valley Resort Nasu, Aqua Venus
Address: 203 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Tochigi, 352-0392, Japan
Phone: 03-3388-3800(Tokyo)& 0289-76-3800(Nasu)

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As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I will be very happy to accompany you to “Sunvalley Resort Nasu in Tochigi. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contacts.

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