Winery opened Onsen in own vineyard

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top image of VINESPA

Address: 1661 Kakudahama, Nishikan-ku, Niigata City, Niigata, Japan
Phone:  0256-77-2226
FAX: 0256-77-2332
Business hours: 6:00-9:00 10:00-22:00

Admission for quick-bathers 





17:00-22:00 (Weekdays only)



wine production process

 CAVE D’CCI Winery is lying at the foot of Mt. Kakudayama, about 20 km west from the center of Niigata City. About 70,000 square meters winery is owned and run by European Grape Cultivation Laboratory Co.


 Mr. Kiichiro Ochi, the founder of the winery was greatly stimulated into Napa Valley AVA and started his wine yard in 1992. Napa Valley AVA that Mr. Ochi modeled after, is an American Viticultural Area located in Napa Country, California, USA. His dream was that try to do viticulture in fundamental method as such in Napa Valley AVA . Ms. Chieko Kakegawa, co-CEO of European Grape Cultivation Laboratory Co., had sympathy for his dream and went along with his policy. Mr. Ochi has left the operation of the winery to her.

Napa Valley is considered one of the top wine regions in the United States and one of only nine Great Wine Capitals on earth, with a history dating back to the nineteenth century.



Almost 4.5 million people visit Napa Valley each year, making it a very popular tourist destination in California, and “The World’s Best Wine and Food Destination” as awarded by Trip Advisor’s 2010 Travelers’ Choice Awards.

He chosen the field of Kakudahma at the foot of Mt. Kakudayama for his vineyard, because it’s sandy and undernourished conditions is suitable for cultivating European grapes.


Mt. Kakudayama 

lobby area 

CAVE D’CCI Winery is lying at the foot of Mt. Kakudayama, about 20 km west from Niigata City.  Lounge is located in the center of the new facility. Southern European trees such as camphor tree, olive, lemon, orange, are planted around the fountain outside garden. 


The winery newly opened Onsen facility named CAVE D’CCI AVEDA VINESPA in April, 2009. Total investment for the new project was said over 1000 million yen. The new project included men’s and women’s grand baths which are also provided for day trippers without staying overnight, seven guest rooms, and a Japanese restaurant, as well as spa named CAVE D’CCI AVEDA which consisted of two of treatment rooms and hair salon. 


 main_image of VINESPA
Two-story wooden structure of CAVE D’CCI AVEDA VINESPA is independently built in the precinct of the winery. The total floor is about 2,310. 


 The winery has been continuously built a restaurant, a guest hall, and sausage factory one after another according to proposals from their guests. However, they did not have any lodge for visitors from a distant place. The winery became more attractive as “Winery Resort” by providing accommodations and spa along with opening of CAVE D’CCI AVEDA VINESPA 


The entrance area of VINESPAReception both for hotel guests and day tippers in the left, and shop for CAVE D’CCI AVEDA in the right are laid out. 


They can expect more than 250,000 visitors annually in which 100,000 for the winery and 150,000 for VINSPA. Their final target is promoting local people to participate more in Viticulture business and make the district like Napa Valley AVA in Japan.


Accommodations of VINESPA

top image of onsen 

Katakuri Japanese room 

4 Japanese rooms are laid out in the first floor and other 3 western rooms are in the second floor. A Japanese room accommodates 4 guests. Rate including dinner and breakfast is about ¥18,000 per person.

Western style room

Western style room “Mimoza”. Living space and bed room is separately laid out in 55㎡ floor. Its birch cherry floor and red color sofa attracts and very popular among female guests. Rate for western style room is over ¥22,000 per person including dinner and breakfast.

Olive western room

In the “Olive” western style room, two beds, made of Simmons in USA, are arranged in the living space together. Furniture in the room is directly imported from German. All western rooms have high qualified and wider bathrooms.


 “Yura” Japanese Restaurant

 yura Japanese restaurant set

Restaurant “Yura” caters Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner as well as breakfast for hotel guests. Another restaurant for western food is also open in the winery.


 Onsen Facilities

 top image of onsen

 Women’s outdoor grand bath

Two types of Onsen water are derived from different hot spring well. Each type of hot water is separately used in different bathtub.

Both, Men’s and women’s outdoor bathes are also provided for quick bathers without overnight stay. Admission costs ¥1,000 from 10:00 to 22:00. Bathers who come early morning between 6:00-9:00, they can take it in ¥500 only. Another discount is provided for bathers come between 17:00-22:00 normal weekdays. 

Women’s inner bath

Alkaline & simple type hot spring is provided. All windows are open in the greenery season.

Women's bath A

Men’s outdoor grand bath

The bathtub, this side is provided in bicarbonate hot spring water and alkaline & simple type hot spring is in the other side.


As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I will be very happy to accompany you to “CAVE D’CCI AVEDA VINESPA in Niigata. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contacts.

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