My first Cos-play bar experience~Akihabara

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IMG_1028Yesterday, I experienced my first costume-play bar in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Honestly, though I am attending this Akihabara autumn campaign, had no chance to enjoy such latest style bar in Tokyo until then. I just experienced a maid-cafe and a couple of butler’s cafes.

One of the four cute girls in maid-style costume served a glass of non-alcohol drink, Yum-yum magic breath soda for me.

‘Oishiku nare, oishiku nare…’ (Be tastier, Be tastier)… A little witch, the cute girl, casts a spell on your drink to make it tastier, as she chants.

Then, there was a dance performance by those girls, which followed by  an amazing guests performance!!


About an hour and a half later, we left the bar with a kind of satisfaction and excitement  owing to friendly and healthy service offered by the bar.

The photo session was free. (Many so-called maid-cafes charge photo fee in Akihabara )

Photo: Above:In the center is a Yokoso-Japan ambassador Mr. Izumi of ATPA, Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association.

Below:Taka with colleagues.

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