First Renewal of Nara Plaza Hotel Was Completed on March, 2010

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Nara Kenko Land / Nara Plaza Hotel


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Name Nara Kenko Land / Nara Plaza Hotel
Address: 600-1 Kabatacho, Tenri City, Nara, 632-0084 Japan
Phone:  0743-64-1126
Business hours: 24 hours
Close for cleaning 15:30-18:00


Normal hours


Adult (over senior high school student)


Children (over 3 year-old)


Senior (over 65 year-old)




Midnight (Sunday-Friday)


Midnight (Saturday and Holiday-eve)


“Ganbanyoku” Hot-stone Bath



nara kenko landAttached Onsen to Nara Plaza Hotel

On March 21, 2010, the renewal project for “Yamato Onsen, Nara Kenko Land” was completed. It is owned, managed, and operated by The Hirakawa Shoji Co. which runs several businesses in the leisure industry. The Onsen, consisting with variety of amusement facilities, is attached to Nara Plaza Hotel.

Since its opening in 1987, the first renewal project for Onsen facilities was successfully completed. The bathing house is made more attractive with various kinds of amusement facilities, such as “Ganbanyoku Hot-stone Bath” and Sauna Area, including “Nano-oxygen Water Therapy Bath”(ナノ酸素水テラピー風呂)which is the first come out in Japan.


Renovated Onsen Facility

Inner Bath, Outdoor Bath “Ganbanyoku” Hot-stone Bath and Sauna are laid out in the Grand bath area. Onsen is 24 hours open excluding time for cleaning at night. Room guests can take bath freely without charge. Variety of 7 kinds of baths including “Long aged cypress bath (古代桧風呂), herb bath (薬仁湯)are equipped in the bathhouse.


 japanese cypres bath& herb bath

“Long aged cypress bath (古代桧風呂), & Herb bath (薬仁湯) 


Natural hot spring water is derived form Yamato Onsen to outdoor bath. China Pot Bath is newly equipped for outdoor bath but other part of outdoor is kept remained.

 outdoor bath&china pot bath

Outdoor bath & China pot bath


Three equipments in the bathhouse are first come out in Japan

“Nano-oxygen Water Therapy Bath”

 nono oxygen therapy bath

“Nano-oxygen Water Therapy Bath”(ナノ酸素水テラピー風呂)which is the first come out in Japan. It produces very fine nano-size babuls and looks like white creamy water. Very fine nono-size oxygen bubbles effects of massage to your whole body, brighten your skin and losing your weight.


“Ganbanyoku” Hot-sone Bath and Sauna area

Newly equipped “Ganbanyoku” Hot-sone Bath and Sauna area have attractive facilities in 6 for men and 7 for women, including Crystal Sauna and Salt Steam Sauna(空風呂)which are also first come out in Japan. You are required to pay ¥300 additionally. Business hours are 10:00 to 1:00.


Crystal Sauna 

Built-in flat convection heater in the wall and glass covered heater promote your perspiration effectively. Beautifully decorated room with glass blocks and glass mosaic is characteristic.

Salt Steam Sauna(空風呂) 

Low temperature sauna with steam made from seawater. Seawater steam contains mineral which promote your perspiration and remove wastes from your body.

 crystal sauna  salt steam sauna

Crystal Sauna 

Salt Steam Sauna(空風呂) 


Indoor pool “EL SOL

 running water pool&water slide

Indoor pool “EL SOL” is equipped with 70 meters water slider and running water pool.


Esthétique and massage area

 massage set

Esthétique and massage area is more expanded and changed from tenant to direct operation by the company. Treatment skill and service level is graded up than before. They are trying to attract female guests and increase its number.


Food & Beverage Area

F&B Area 

Three facilities in the food and beverage area, including “Togenkyo” family restaurant, is also totally changed.


“Togenkyou” Family Retaurant

 togennkyou set

Total seats are 232. Free entertainment is performed on the stage on holidays. Buffet style breakfast, consisting of more than 30 items, costs ¥1,260 and is served from 7:00 to 10:00 everyday. A la cart menu is provided on usual weekdays from 11:00 to 24:00 but buffet style lunch (11:00-16:00), dinner (17:00-22:00), and midnight snack (22:00-24:00) are served on holidays.


Hotel Rooms

Nara Plaza Hotel has performed renewal project twice since its opening in 1988. Guest rooms on 7 and 8 floors and banquet hall was renovated in last July 2009, then rest of hotel rooms was in this March. Four more family type rooms for 5 guests are newly added and increased to 46 rooms excluding suite room and royal twin room. Number of guest rooms is now 79 all together. Their target is changed to small groups rather than depending on large group tourists.


Redesigned 5-types Rooms under the theme “Japanese Modern”


Standard Double



Floor space: 19.7㎡
Bed size: 160cm×200cm
Rate with breakfast
Single use: ¥10,000
Double use: ¥19,000


Standard Twin

 twin Floor space: 19.7㎡
Bed size: 100cm×200cm
Rate with breakfast
Single use: ¥10,000
Twin use: ¥19,000


Royal Twin

Three royal twin rooms are available. All royal twin rooms are equipped with Simmons beds. Rate with breakfast is ¥22,000. Bathroom is equipped with a wider space next to a bath tub for washing the body and two basins in the powder room.


 royal_twin Floor space: 39.4㎡
Bed size: 110cm×200cm
Rate with breakfast
Single use: ¥13,000
Twin use: ¥22,000
Triple use: ¥30,000
4th use: ¥38,000
5th use: ¥45,000


Deluxe Twin

Western and Japanese combined style deluxe twin accommodates 5 guests and is suitable for family guests. Its bathroom has no bathtub but shower and two washbasins are equipped instead. Rate with breakfast is ¥20,000 for 2 guests.


 deluxe_twin Floor space: 32.8㎡
Bed size: 110cm×200cm
Rate with breakfast
Single use: ¥12,000
Twin use: ¥20,000
Triple use: ¥27,000
4th use: ¥34,000
5th use: ¥41,000


Royal Suite

 royal_suite Floor space: 65.5㎡
Bed size: 110cm×200cm
Rate with breakfast
Single use: ¥36,000
Twin use: ¥45,000
Triple use: ¥54,000
4th use: ¥62,000
5th use: ¥70,000

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