Kogashiyama Fruit Park in Utsunomiya

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grape pickingAutumn is a crop season.

My husband and I wanted to let our kids experience fruit picking in Utsunomiya.

Which fruit should we choose, grapes, pears, or apples? They all taste best in this season.

Luckily, we had a chance to join the church excursion to Kogashiyama Fruit Park in Utsunomiya.  All our needs were met at this park.   They grow grapes, pears, and apples!

The park is located along the hillside of Kogashiyama mountain in Utsunomiya, and it’s surrounded by the spectacular nature.

We went up the hill and started with grape picking!  Juicy Kyoho grapes were waiting for us.

pear pickingNext, we enjoyed picking the big juicy Niitaka pears.

Then, we came down to enjoy apple picking- sweet Jonagold.

Our baskets were full of grapes, pears, and apples.

1 kg of pears and apples cost 500 yen; 

1 kg of grapes: 1000 yen.


Address) Kogashi-machi 286, Utsunomiya

Access by car) 20 minutes from Utsunomiya IC

             20 minutes from Kanuma IC

TEL) 028-652-0665

kogashiyama fruitpark

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